[Spoilers] King Arthur: Legend of the Sword #review

The story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table is a story I think most people grow up with. This is not the story we grew up on. This is a modern retelling of a classic story that was met with mixed feelings by many who saw it from what I have gathered. So, does “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword” tell a fresh version that is entertaining and fun to watch on the big screen? Let’s dive in and take a look in this review…


There are certain directors whose names, when attached to film, peak my interest. Guy Ritchie is one of those directors. If you tell me Ritchie is making a live action movie about a toucan who always wanted to be a prize fighter but grew up surrounded by nay saying anteaters I’ll still be purchasing a ticket. I enjoy the style in which he films his movies and the way the dialogue is delivered. They aren’t all cinematic masterpieces but I find them entertaining and that’s enough, on occasion. I was not let down in this movie. Even if you weren’t aware going into the theater that Guy Ritchie directed this you will recognize his visual style immediately. It’s right on par for what I expected and I enjoyed the majority of the film.


The overall story takes a bit too long to tell. IMDB has the run time just past 2 hours. There’s no need for this. This film could’ve been told in 90 minutes I feel. The amount of time it takes Arthur (played by Charlie Hunnam) to deal with his personal issues and accept “Excalibur” could’ve been shortened. I didn’t need to see the same scene over and over just shot in a different location. I get it. He’s got issues. Move the story along, please. I’m assuming the extra time was taken to emphasize the importance of his decision once he accepts the sword from the Lady in the Lake and then again when he’s fighting the fire demon who killed his parents. Curiously, this warrior fire demon looked like a cross between “Surtur” the fire demon (in Thor comics) and “Shao Kahn” (from Mortal kombat 2) which was awesome. Also, adding to the curious things in this movie, the three squid women who were also witches? I think I missed this in the mythology. When this squid monster made its first appearance my first thought was, “Is this Ursala from Disney’s “Little Mermaid?’” Then the squid unravelled itself into 3 squid witches, one of which did resemble Ursala a great deal. Then there’s the giant elephants which looked awesome. The different mages wielding different magic. The bats that were so large they were bigger than humans. The venomous snake that was so large it almost destroyed a castle. And finally, the giant rats that looked a lot like the “R.O.U.S. (Rodents Of Unusual Size)” from the movie “Princess Bride.” I don’t know if they intentionally made these rats to look like that as a nod to that movie but I enjoyed all the weird and bizarre this movie threw at me.


Overall, this is not your typical “King Arthur” movie but there’s so much craziness put into this film it worked. As I stated above, it could’ve been shortened. However, the characters are entertaining and each for their own reasons and personality. I also enjoyed the witty dialogue that was present throughout the film. If you enjoy his “Sherlock Holmes” films with Robert Downey Jr you’ll appreciate the banter in this film. Arthur’s dialogue and brain works closely to that of Holmes but in a more street savvy manner. Also, Jude Law gave a performance of insanity, desperation, manipulation and sorrow that elevated my enjoyment of this film. As the villain of this film, his acting made the fantastical story believable enough to be entertaining. His commitment to his character was great and as a movie fan I appreciated it.


King Arthur: Legend of the Sword” is in theaters now! I almost missed this in theaters and I’m glad I remembered in time to catch a screening. If you want pure entertainment this is a great Saturday or Sunday afternoon movie. It’s action. It’s magic. It’s betrayal. It’s revenge. It’s Guy Ritchie. I definitely recommend you enjoy this movie in the theater or at home once it’s available on Redbox or VOD. It’s just a fun time at the movies, even if it’s little longer than necessary.



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[Spoilers] The Mummy #review

This is the first film in a new monster movie franchise that is being titled “Dark Universe” by Universal Studios. This was meant to set the stage for the monster movies that will soon follow. In this sixth retelling, we get a slightly different but somewhat familiar story that explores the possibilities of the undead wreaking havoc upon the modern world. The important question (I feel) is did this movie set the stage for what’s to come? Let’s dive in and take a look at “The Mummy” in this review…


First, let’s address the important question mentioned above in the opening paragraph and from there we’ll move into the actual film. I believe there might be some confusion as to why that’s the important question instead of “was the movie good?” Almost immediately after this film was introduced it was also stated by Universal that they were creating a shared “monster universe” and were using this film as the initial offering that would take us into this new franchise. Since they (Universal) decided to make this proclamation and start casting for the other films (Johnny Depp as the “Invisible Man,” Benecio Del Toro as “Frankenstein’s Monster”) it only makes sense that we must consider this as we watch the movie. In my opinion, we don’t have the luxury of just watching the movie simply to enjoy this individual film because we know (assumably you knew, maybe you didn’t in which case this whole analysis will be somewhat of a surprise) it’s meant to tell a story and then set up a whole new world. If you started singing “A Whole New World” after reading that sentence shame on you. “Alladin” is a Disney property and we’re looking at a movie by Universal. Never cross streams, people! Wait, that’s a “Ghostbusters” reference and that’s a Sony property. Sorry folks. We’ve gone off on a tangent. Let’s get back on track. Ok, after watching “The Mummy” I don’t believe it did a great job setting up the bigger picture. There’s a scene in the laboratory of “Dr. Jeckyl” where we see a vampire skull, the hand of the “Creature from the Black Lagoon” and more. However, we don’t really get a sense of the terrors that are looming. We are just told that there’s this mysterious group of folks trying to save the world from dangers unknown to the normal person. There was also a reference to a group of knights who were doing the same thing back in Medieval times but I wasn’t clear on if this new group was the modern version of the knights or not. So, in all, I say nay. This movie doesn’t answer the important question. By the end of the film “Nick Morton” (played by Tom Cruise) is not aware of a possible “Wolfman,” “Dracula,” “Invisible Man,” “Hunchback,” Phantom” or more. He simply rides off into the sunset with his partner in crime. I mean that literally. He’s on horseback and rides off like a cowboy in a western. If this were an Uber rating, I would give this the lowest possible score of one single, lonely, star. Throw the tomatoes at the screen and toss your popcorn in the air folks. This aspect of the story stinks.


Ok, Let’s dive into the film as a stand alone picture. Overall plot is that two active military guys, who are also treasure hunters, are trying to locate treasure and almost get killed. In being saved, a tomb is revealed and the mummy is released onto the earth once more to conquer humanity. This is a very simple breakdown of the plot as the movie is almost 2 hours long. This movie should not have been this long. This film should’ve been 90 minutes no more. Cut the the entire “Mr Hyde” scene out of this movie, please. Also, in order for the “mummy” to regenerate she must first make out with people and by so doing they are turned into mummy/zombie things. What?! Yes, mummy make out sessions are happening on the big screen. Halfway into this movie I wanted to play a game on my iPhone. Also, it’s never explained why the character “Chris” keeps showing up as a ghost or apparition to communicate with Nick. It serves to answer plot points about why the mummy is chasing Nick and why she brought him back from the dead but other than that there’s poor writing, bad jokes and not much more. I did enjoy the performance by Sofia Boutella in this film. She’s plays the mummy well and she can deliver some of the creepiest looks and stares in this movie. The 3 films I’ve seen her in I have enjoyed her performance. I’m looking forward to her role in “Atomic Blonde” as well.


This movie might go down in cinematic history as one of the best cast films to be one of the most disappointing films. I did not have high expectations for this film walking into the theater. In fact, my expectations were low and they still were not met. This is not a monster movie. It’s a pseudo action meets horror meets love story that doesn’t work at all in my opinion. If you’re reading this and you enjoyed it, that’s awesome. I’ve been in the arts my entire life. I understand how some people can like stuff and others not. I get it. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I did not. The fact that the main character becomes the conqueror of death, or a mummy, or whatever he is, in order to kill the mummy, resurrect his love interest only then to revive his partner in crime to continue being a treasure hunter… I swear on graves of people I don’t know, this is all part of the story… is so absurd it was frustrating. Give credit where credit is due, there is more than one line about the main character Nick being a bad guy. So why then would a bad guy not continue being a treasure hunter now that he controls death, is fair. However, the movie is ludicrous and disappointing. Cinemascore has this film as a “B-“ and I don’t understand how.


The Mummy” is in theaters now. Skip this film on the big screen. You’ll want to watch it at home on Redbox or VOD simply to understand where this new franchise is going. If not for that, there’s no reason to see this film. It’s not good and I was disappointed it cost me $5. I went to a before noon showing when it’s affordable and even that was more than this film is worth. Fingers crossed the franchise corrects the mistakes made in this film so the rest of the stories are enjoyable.


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Churchill – Review

Independent films arrive in theaters with little advertising on occasion. This would be that occasion. I hadn’t watched a trailer, seen a movie poster or saw a review for this film leading up to my decision to see this in the theater. In fact, after I decided to see this film, I watched the trailer on my iPhone while walking to the car, to drive to the theater, to see this film. I enjoy history so a film about World War 2 intrigued me. So did this unknown indie film about World War 2 manage to win me over? Let’s dive in and take a look at “Churchill” in this review…


I’m not sure this movie was entirely historically accurate. For an independent film it felt like there was Hollywood story telling mixed in. I mean, it felt like creative liberties were taken with the characters in a way not familiar to me in historical biopics. Curiously, for a story that takes place in the United Kingdom there were few english accents. This was vexing but it didn’t last long. Like a movie with subtitles, 5 minutes in I no longer really noticed and was enjoying the film.


Overall, this movie explores the life of Winston Churchill leading up to D-Day. We see his thoughts, his feelings and his desire to ensure that minimal casualties are had. This is a story about conflict. It’s not a story about conflict simply because it’s World War 2. It’s a story about conflict for a man, a leader, a husband and friend to the King of the England. The story examines the mental, physical and emotional impact of being a leader and (more importantly) being a leader in a time of great war. Winston (played by Brian Cox) shows us that change is inevitable and it’s not always easy to accept. Cox performed his role well. This was crucial to this film, more so than normal. The majority of screen time he occupies and if he wasn’t believable the whole movie falls apart. I’m happy to report, the movie is fine.


I didn’t find the overall story to be that compelling on screen. The actual real life story is far more compelling. The story is split between characters who felt three dimensional and two dimensional. It almost felt like the actors were instructed to act as simply as possible. Churchill, his wife, the King of England, his secretary Helen and Smuts were rich characters that gave us subtle nuance and emotions. The rest felt like they should be performing in a made for tv movie instead of an independent film.


Overall, the movie isn’t great but the story we go on with Churchill is. I personally enjoyed the examination of a man who has been a fighter and leader his whole life and now in the autumn of his years, he is faced with the reality that he must adapt and change his leadership style. We take this journey the entire film. It’s not until the finale of the movie that we see his transformation and because of that I enjoyed his story. It’s complex. Here is a man who is hellbent on avoiding storming the beaches because of the number of soldiers who will die. This is enough to warrant his behavior but Cox delivers a performance that suggests much more. There’s layers to his stubbornness. He isn’t stubborn for the sake of being stubborn. It turns out he’s not so much stubborn but reluctant because of the guilt he carries with him from a similar strike he ordered that resulted in mass casualty. He doesn’t want to relive that loss and be responsible for the deaths of young soldiers and because of that, he is conflicted. He is layered and complex. It was brilliant. By the end of the film I didn’t see his character as a stubborn old man who refused to work with the allies in defeating the Nazis. I saw him as a man at war with himself for never forgiving himself and carrying the weight of loss for so long on his shoulders.


Churchill” is in theaters now. You can skip this movie in theaters. If you enjoy character study films this is worth the time on Redbox or VOD. If not, you probably won’t enjoy it much. It’s not a long film but it’s slow and methodical. I did enjoy the journey we go on with Churchill but the overall movie did little for me. Also, if you enjoy historical movies this does little to tickle your fancy. You don’t need to know much about World War 2 to appreciate this and you won’t learn much about the war either, in case you already don’t.


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[Spoilers] Wonder Woman #review

This is the fourth film in what Warner Brothers is calling the “DC Extended Universe.” What has been met with an occasional mixed reaction and predominately disparaging comments, this series of movies pressed on giving us iconic characters like Batman, Superman, Lex Luthor and the Joker. We also received lesser known characters like Deadshot, Killer Croc and Harley Quinn. Curiously, it wasn’t until this year that we got a movie about (arguably) the most recognizable female hero of all time, Wonder Woman. So, was “Wonder Woman” able to defeat the consistently negative press and bolster expectations going forward for this DCEU? Let’s dive in and take a look at “Wonder Woman” in this review…


I wrote on social media just before walking into an early Thursday evening screening that I was experiencing medium expectations blended with high hopes and a side of curiosity. This DCEU started off with “Man of Steel” which I moderately enjoy. Next we got the train wreck that was “Batman V Superman” followed by the half terrible, half enjoyable “Suicide Squad.” In baseball terms, we got a runner on first with two outs, zero runs scored. I wasn’t sure what to expect because the films haven’t instilled any positive confidence. The early press buzz online was positive. The trailers looked great. I’m happy to report the movie is enjoyable beyond my expectations.


The film is a hero’s journey or coming of age tale. We meet “Princess Diana” when she is a little girl with the Amazons. From there we see her grow into a beautiful, lethal warrior whose heart guides her every move. She’s a selfless warrior who is passionate, deadly, intelligent and outspoken. I was pleased with Gal Gadot’s performance as Wonder Woman. She started off as an innocent minded young woman who saw the world only by what she had been taught and by the end of the movie she is mature, heart broken, experienced in war and aware of the atrocities humanity is capable of. Gal plays the emotions quite splendidly.


Enter Chris Pine who plays “Steve Trevor” the infamous love interest of Wonder Woman. The performance Pine gave was exactly the performance I expected him to give. For this, I was pleased. The onscreen chemistry between Pine and Gadot was an unexpected surprise. The band of fellows that Pine collaborates with was equally enjoyable and their on screen chemistry was another unexpected surprise. The biggest take away for me regarding the good guys was that at no point did I feel the men were being emasculated. This was a genuine concern I had walking into the theater. I didn’t want this film to feel like a feminist propaganda film that would limit the audience. It did not, at all.  These guys were strong, capable men who complimented the story. It’s because of this, I feel that ladies and their fella’s will be enjoying this movie together for awhile. It at no point ever felt like a movie designed or geared for specifically just women. This isn’t a life time movie. It’s an action film that explores what humanity, with its history of violence and self destructive tendencies, deserves. I was elated with this aspect of the movie.


The villain, Aries (the god of war), was a twist in a twist for me. I knew that the character “Sir Patrick” was not what he seemed. I did not once assume that he would in fact turn out to be none other than Aries himself. I thought he might be working as a spy for Aries and that would be appropriate as Pine played a spy. So there would be a sort of spy vs spy thing happening. So, the big reveal was a twist in a twist. It was a fun revelation at the end of the film as well.


Wonder Woman” is in theaters now! I’ve seen this movie twice already. I’ll be seeing it a third time. I definitely recommend you get over to your local theater and enjoy this summer blockbuster. It looks great on screen and the story is equally enjoyable. At its core, in my opinion, this is a movie that explores what it means to be part of a society that destroys itself, time and time again. What does humanity deserve? Should we be encouraged to kill, torture and destroy each other because it’s built into the fabric of our being? Should we chose love to quell the fires inside us to help our neighbors and stop the ravages of war? The movie is about growing up, seeing the world for what it is and then making a choice. The 3rd act is a mixture of action and philosophical debate. Aries isn’t trying to destroy humanity because he’s evil. He’s decided to show his father Zeus that he (Zeus) created something evil, man. He’s not a villain for the sake of being a bad guy. In the same way Wonder Woman isn’t a hero just because she’s destined to be a hero. The emotional journey this film goes on is delightful. It explores hope, love, tragedy, loss, duty and honor. I loved this film. I hope you will as well. Go see this movie!!


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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales – #review

This series of films have been getting steadily worse. Since 2003 we have been following the adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow despite how ridiculous and abysmal the stories became. Now, we have the fifth, and possibly last, film in the franchise. Does this reignite the excitement from the first film or do we send it down to Davey Jones locker with the other films in this franchise? Let’s dive in and take a look at “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” in this box office review…


The magic of this franchise is officially gone. There’s a level of charm that still exists but the magic is no more. As a fan of the characters I was let down. The movie begins with the most ridiculous bank robbery and only continues to thread pieces of a story together that never really work. It felt like there was so much more written for this film than what was put on screen. Or there was an idea for more that they couldn’t figure out how to convey so they didn’t. And as such, we are left with a story that was as pieced together as some of the dead shipmates hunting pirates.


This film didn’t really venture into uncharted waters either. It followed similar plot points from the previous movies. For example, the East India Trading Company was trying to control the sea by owning the heart of Davey Jones in “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead’s Man Chest.” We have this same story but with the English government. However, this whole subplot is pointless. Its characters and story should have been left out. When Captain Jack escapes the guillotine on the island, that’s where those characters should’ve been left. Also, the cameo by Paul McCartney was so oddly placed it didn’t even make sense. It was one more thing that could’ve been left out and we would’ve been all the better.


The entire movie isn’t even really about Captain Jack Sparrow. Up to this point, the franchise is about his misadventures and the folks who are, for one reason or another, forced to go along with him. The writers decided to tie up all the loose ends and give us a finale for the main characters. Elizabeth Swan and Will Turner finally get to be together. Their son, as an adult, finds true love and unites his family. Captain Barbosa finally gets to die with honor and prove he’s more than just a pirate, which has always been his struggle. Captain Jack finally gets the Black Pearl and to be Captain. The entire movie is a resolution for the previous 4 films. The stories are so paint by numbers it felt lazy. Barbosa had the one inspired story but that was not enough to save this film.


Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” is in theaters now! Skip this movie on the big screen. As the title suggests, there’s no tale to be told in this movie. If you’re a fan of the franchise, like me, you’ll most likely be disappointed by how little care was put into this movie. It’s not the worst of the franchise but it certainly isn’t as good as the first two films. There’s plenty of other good films in theaters right now that I’ve reviewed. Go back and read those reviews and then decide which one you’ll see instead of this.


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Alien: Covenant – #review

We have the sixth solo installment in a science fiction franchise that blends both horror and space travel. While the last film in this series (released 2012) was met with split opinions, this movie dares to challenge the naysayers and hopefully flip their opinions into positive fandom. So, was the goal met? Will this be the success story that sways the opinions into positive critiques? Let’s dive in and take a look at “Alien: Covenant” in this box office review…


Ridley Scott returns as director for this film. While many did not like “Prometheus” I found it enjoyable. I was happy to see his return as this marks his 3rd directors title for the franchise he launched back in 1979. To his credit, I’ve enjoyed all 3 of his “Alien” films. He balances character backstory and personality with tension and drama well in this franchise. We get enough information about who the characters are so when they start being hunted and killed by the aliens it is impacting, emotionally speaking. Is every character important? Of course not. However, I didn’t really feel like any character was an ancillary character. It felt like each character served a purpose, even if that purpose was short lived. Their purpose might be as simple as inhaling alien dust to move the plot forward. It worked and therein lies their value.


After watching this movie I’m convinced that Michael Fassbender could play any sociopath or serial killer in any film, ever, going forward. There’s an entire scene where he plays two robots and they’re discussing purpose and what their directives are as A.I. for the humans. The two robots names are “David” and “Walter.” David, if you saw Prometheus, is the original A.I. created to be more human-like than robotic. Walter, the most recent model, was created to be the ideal support for human space exploration, etc. While I didn’t feel like I got much from Walter, I got everything from David. He is calculating and methodical. His demeanor is so calm it is chilling in this movie. I can’t celebrate this performance enough or the talent that Fassbender gives us in this role.


The overall film is tonally dark. It took my eyes a few minutes to adjust to the film because the world this takes place in does not have much sun light and frequently has rain storms. The xenomorphs are also jet black in this movie which was awesome when paired against the dark world this story inhabits. It looked like shadows running around killing and being killed more than aliens. It was this mysterious shadow killer look that really won me over. This wasn’t a film that was dark for the sake of being dark. It all plays together to create a dangerous and mysterious planet that is set on destroying/consuming all life.


Alien: Covenant” is in theaters now! I definitely recommend people see this on the big screen if they’re into science fiction meets horror. If you’re a fan of this franchise I also recommend you see this. It’s not a perfect film but it’s definitely entertaining. Plus if you’re a fan of the franchise you’ll appreciate the nods to previous movies. I loved when the camera gave us the aliens point of view. The first time that happened was in David Finchers “Alien 3” circa 1992. There’s little moments like that in this film that we as fans get to enjoy. If you don’t like science fiction meets horror stay away from this film. If you do, finish reading this and then get over to the theater. It’s worth your money!


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[Spoilers] “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” #review

“Guardians of the Galaxy” was the surprise hit of 2014. Writer/Director James Gunn combined the fun of an adventure film and science fiction films with interpersonal family drama to deliver a film that was both comedic, exciting and visually stunning. So, with Gunn stepping back into the writer/director chair for the sequel was he able to deliver on the same magic the first film gave us? Let’s dive in and take a look at “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2” in this review…


First, I can’t speak enough praise for the visuals in this movie. The style is vibrant, neon, rich, dark, and it all works together to create worlds that stand uniquely apart from the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It felt almost like James Gunn decided to take everything that was awesome about video game arcades in the 1980’s and put it into his movie. Even the characters titled “The Sovereign” flew their war ships like a video game and it made sense to the plot. The “Sovereign” are perfect creations. So, of course, they wouldn’t risk their own perfect lives in space combat. They would fly their ships remotely. It was a nice little touch to story telling that emphasizes Gunn’s creativity.


The overall story didn’t make much sense to me, unfortunately. I was anticipating a Guardians of the Galaxy movie and instead of I was given something else. I have the same issue with this film that I have with “Iron Man 3.” It’s not a Guardians movie in the same way IM3 wasn’t an Iron Man movie. The title should’ve been “Guardians of the Galaxy: A Yondu Udonta Story” just like IM3 should’ve been titled “Iron Man 3: A Tony Stark Story.” The character with the biggest story arc was Yondu. Second, one could argue would be Nebula. The Guardians almost felt like ancillary characters running a sub plot to everything happening with Yondu. Also, let’s not forget “Ego the Living Planet” who is a “Celestial” and also “Caligula.” By the end of the film we still don’t know why Celestials are important but we do know that Ego likes to procreate with as many species as possible without restraint. All we know is that both Guardians film have had a Celestial in some capacity make an appearance. So, towards the end of the film when Ego tells Peter that his (Peter’s) action will remove his god status and make him like everyone else we don’t know why that’s a big deal. And curiously, Gunn seems to understand this as he wrote dialogue for Peter that asks the question on my mind, “What’s wrong with that?” What is wrong with losing god status in this cinematic universe? Why is being a Celestial important? These questions are never answered. Also, the scene where Peter and Ego play catch with an energy ball was enough to cause an eye roll to happen. Whoever approved that scene needs to be sat in a corner for 15 minutes for time out. Terrible.


I think my favorite character in this film would be Rocket. While everyone had their moments, Drax and Mantis discussing what it means to be beautiful and love/trust, Peter and Ego discussing what it means to view life forever instead of as a temporary moment, Rocket, Yondu and Groot trying to escape a prison cell together, there’s a lot of great dialogue. There’s some insightful perspectives as well to help create a film that is more than just a comedic romp through space. Gunn really explores deeper philosophical meanings in relationships and life. It’s this balance of searching for meaning and comedy that makes this a stand out film in the Marvel Cinematic universe. With regard to the humor, the jokes land for the most part. And some of the visual humor is fun. There’s plenty in this movie to enjoy and it doesn’t ever feel you’re being beaten over the head with one particular joke, or situation. There are a few jokes that don’t land at all. Two that come to mind are Nebula eating the unripe fruit and the second is the Sovereign’s carpet getting jammed while walking to speak with Yondu. These two jokes could’ve been left out and I feel the movie would’ve flowed much smoother and it wouldn’t have ruined the intensity the scenes were building towards.


Overall, I did enjoy the movie. Unfortunately, I feel that this movie was made just to set up the third volume which Gunn is writing and will be directing. Unfortunately, I don’t feel this film stands on its own at all. If you haven’t seen the first film you won’t know what’s going on with all the characters. By the end of the film you still won’t know what’s going on with all the characters because everything was being set up for Vol 3 and “Avengers Infinity War,” presumably. If you consider the new Ravagers were introduced to tie up the Yondu story and take over more responsibility in the third installment you can probably see my point more clearly.


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2” is in theaters now! Despite all my criticisms, I definitely recommend people see this movie on the big screen. It’s a visually delightful movie with some well placed humor and some equally heartfelt moments. There’s a lot to digest in this film and it’s a fun time at the movies. I recommend you watch the first film or revisit it before seeing this one on the big screen just so certain things and cameo’s will make more sense. I review movies and I do so honestly which means the issues I have with story, characters, etc, you might not. All art is subjective and because of that I want people to see this in theaters and enjoy how good this film looks. It’s a special effects adventure in space and totally worth your hard earned dollars. Go check it out!


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