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If Only…

If only you had… wait, let’s push pause on this thought and rewind to the beginning. Let’s start with something more realistic than “if only” for just a moment. Perhaps, if we would look at the words of Thomas Carlyle, a philosopher and satirical writer, we might find an appropriate place to begin… “Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment.”

I was having a conversation with an employee of mine, and this is a conversation I’ve had many times before with my staff, peers and bosses (yes plural), regarding ones ability to achieve more. Without fail the discussion turns from what we have to what we wish we had, and this begins a debilitating course. The reality is, if you wish to succeed, as I presume you do, you must “do” with what you have. The greatest accomplishments didn’t come from leaders who said, “well if I only had more time” or “if I only had more money” or even worse ” if I only had better talent to pull from.” A great leader, a successful entrepreneur, a brilliant inventor all realize the one thing Mr. Carlyle so plainly states. Imagine the impact that would’ve occurred in entertainment if Frank Sinatra would’ve said in 1950, “I’ve blown my vocal chords, my career is over!” The world would’ve missed out on some of the most profound and moving collection of songs any vocalist has ever created! In 1953 he signed with Capitol records and recorded music so emotionally honest that generations later are still touched by his incredible voice. Let’s just recap, a vocalist without a voice is about as useful as a writer without a pen! We see in this example that the “can do” attitude has the potential to achieve so much. You have this potential. So, the next time you think about your goals, remember that your attitude can drive you into success… if only you’ll let it.

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