Life, it could be easier at times we believe. We spend so much energy and time figuring out solutions to our daily predicaments. On top of that, we then look deeper into ourselves to find even better ways to handle situations that have come and gone! The stress of our lives we compound by reevaluating past moments of stress. This is all part of our life and maybe we should alter our perspective from addressing the past issues to focusing on the future outcome of our daily lives instead. Perhaps the best solution for a happier future is temporary retreat from an issue, to buy time, allow natural growth. Then again, running head first into the issues for immediate resolve might be ideal. Rush into a situation and command change and progress now, not later! Whatever your decision, and there are far more possibilities than the 2 listed here, Robert Frost (an American poet) clearly states the outcome of all possibilities. Make the happiest tomorrows however you choose because at the end of the day, life, it goes on.

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