“We are not makers of history. We are made by history.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

I communicate with people a great deal on a regular basis. What has come from this has been an outlook on life that paints a portrait of assorted colors and shapes. Had I the skill to create such a painting one might call it abstract in its appearance. Layers of colors, each layer revealing more shades than previously thought and by the finale’ one might go crossed eyed. I can hear the question being asked on whether or not extreme focus is necessary or if perhaps one should allow themselves to go cross eyed to see the vision I had created. After an enjoyable laugh I would encourage everyone to relax and enjoy themselves. I would explain to them that in order to see my vision in that painting they would need to take a moment and get to know those around them. Perhaps they see something beautiful or maybe they see an expression of pain or angst. The painting would reveal to them what their shared experiences had provided them. It would show them a reflection of what they were. In all, it would describe a world that has already been written and continues to redraft its ideas.

The history we are blessed with continues to reshape our thoughts and lives. We draw upon its experience when we find ourselves struggling to comprehend our current direction and purpose. We look to the past to find reason. We hope that we might find comfort. We reassure ourselves with its success. We shy away from its failures. We cherish it. We fear it. We also never seem to learn from it even though we study it. It’s our story.

It’s my hope for you, the reader, to see within yourself a great story. Perhaps your journey in life has been blessed. Perhaps it has been a struggle. Just maybe you’ve done your best to withdraw and enjoy a more private lifestyle. Whatever the case, this is your time to relive the stories of the past. This is your moment to realize someone else has gone before you and endured a similar tale. You are never alone when you realize the path you walk has thousands of foot steps that have already paved the way. There is an unspoken connection we all have, both alive and dead. This is why you feel connected to complete strangers you hear about that have a similar tale. It’s experience, shared experience in life, that can unite us all. Reach out and communicate with someone for it might surprise you what you discover. There is a beauty in life that is shared through experience and if history has taught us anything it is that one experience won’t end your story… it might bless it however.

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