At some point we’ve all experienced dynamic change in our lives. Did we relocate, did we marry, divorce, a new job, maybe a near death experience? The possibilities are many. It’s near impossible, I believe, to go through life without experiencing some form of “dynamic” change. I’d say you were going about your life with a plan, possibly a 5 year plan, and suddenly you find yourself changing course and moving happily towards new possibilities. You were determined that the path your life was on would lead you towards increased happiness. Rightfully so, you happily made your way down the path you believed would be the most benefit for your life. You were confident. You were motivated. You were determined. You were… happy.

So much in life depends on your ability to recognize in your own life how happy you are. There might be times you find yourself unhappy with your current situation but you see down the road happiness and you continue forward. There might be times you find your current situation enjoyable but the future looks bleak and so you maintain to keep your current level of happiness without rocking the boat, possibly forfeiting your current happiness. Then again, you might never see happiness in your life or future and persist on the comfort of familiarity because in your sorrow you are happy because it’s all you know. Finally, you may see happiness for others and forgo things that could make you additionally happy for the increased happiness of others. In all these scenarios, you are still seeking and finding happiness. You are, in your own way, driving your life towards your own happiness.

Alexander Smith, a Scottish poet, once said, “We are never happy; we can only remember that we were so once.” If you dwell on this long enough you might realize something about yourself. If you take it at face value you might realize something about your current relationships. If you look just past the surface you might enjoy a new journey of self discovery. The truth is good old Alex was merely postulating happiness.

This is merely a post that brings to the forefront of discussion one very important question. Are you happy? In your life, at this moment, are you happy? Is the course you’ve chosen for your life directing you toward happiness or increased happiness? There will always be moments of sorrow, but in your life, can you say, today, that you are truly happy?

In my heart I wish you joy and happiness. I truly hope you find a reason to smile and celebrate life. This time we have is brief and to squander it without joy is truly a fools errand. Find your joy. Maintain your happiness. Seek like minded people and cherish similar souls while never neglecting the individuals whose differences brighten your life. Finally, if you have the time, feel free to email me and share a moment of happiness. Who knows, we might have something in common!

Smile freely because life is short and we must not waste it with frowns.


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