Self-Help // Philosophy

Is being selfish a negative, all the time?


You have at some point in your life provided an opinion or insight to a friend or family… Why?

Let us assume that every action we do is based off subconscious selfish desires. For every assistance we provide we feel a sense of accomplishment or completion or more. We need to ask the question, and I feel it’s a simple question, at what point does being selfish become a negative?

If your drive to help people is to smile with their personal success or growth is that really a negative? If you help friends and/or family to achieve more just to sit back and enjoy their happiness, is that selfish desire to smile a negative? Everyone at some point needs a hand and if you’re able to provide that with a desire to only enjoy their growth how can we believe that it’s a negative.

So the next time you are placed into a situation where a friend or family is requesting your insight, I encourage you to share it. Is it not better to feel like a selfish friend who shares thoughts to potentially better a life than to be a selfish person who keeps all knowledge to themselves?

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