There was a time I believed that life was more like a choose your own adventure book. There was always an end game and it was up to the individual to decide between events and choices that would ultimately lead them to that predetermined or predestined event. As my life continues forward I am beginning to feel that life is more like sheet music that hasn’t been inked yet. Sheet music, for the readers who aren’t familiar with the technical aspects of musical performance, are the pages in which a composer writes notes, rhythms, etc for the musician to read in order to play a song they’ve never seen before. It’s a musical road map, if you will, for musicians to follow in order to create great songs and melodies at the same time. So, if life is the sheet music then your day to decisions and actions must be the very notes that are printed on to the page creating a song, your song. This is a very different concept when you think about it. A book that is already written versus a song being written… you can already see how dramatically separated these concepts are. One is already finalized while the other one is in a constant evolving pattern. Don’t misunderstand me, death is final for everyone so in that sense there is already an end game for us all, however, your life, your song, is being written every day and has not yet been finalized.  You have the power every morning to create a beautiful melody out of your life and your relationships with others. It’s a very empowering concept once you accept that your song is being written by you and how you act or react to the happenings in your day to day activities builds upon the melody of your life.

Music has always had great importance in my life. From the time I was a very young boy, I was singing in front of large audiences and using my voice to carry a story to the listeners and transport them away from their reality and into one that had been created by writers and composers much more talented than I. The bond that was created in my heart with music from a very young age only strengthened as I grow older. I developed fantastic relationships with people, some of whom I still talk with today, and I was able to see another side of life that gave me incredible perspective on what it means to be human. There wasn’t much music couldn’t help me resolve when I retreated back into those songs which provided clarity, healing and perspective. Music is also so grand that once I was ready to bring my thoughts back into the world there were songs to energize me and bring a smile to my face. Music has a song for every occasion and with the internet you can now google a topic and within seconds a song will be found relating somehow to the key words you just searched. What a glorious time in which we live everyone.

As a musician and lover of songs I have exposed my ears to as much music as possible from so many different parts of the country, and world. My music collection is pretty diverse overall, from my CD’s, to Vinyls and MP3’s. There’s no shortage of music in my life right now and I appreciate that. I have always loved the question asked to an artist during an interview, “what are you currently listening too?” so I decided to take an inventory of what I listen to in my car while I drive (my CD’s only, not my iPod. This already long entry would be unbearable if I included the track listings on my iPod). If you are unfamiliar with any of the artist or albums be encouraged to expose yourself to new songs and sounds. If you read something below that makes you think of a great album or artist that you enjoy be encouraged to leave a comment and share with us what is special to you!

Thanks and keep your ears open.

BB King: Forever Gold
DJ Mark Farina: Mushroom Jazz Six
Compilation: Chimes of Freedom, The Songs of Bob Dylan
Compilation: Back in New Orleans
Jack Johnson: To the Sea
Booker T & the MG’s: Best of Booker T & the MG’s
Counting Crows: Recovering the Satellites
Josh Groban: All the Echoes
G Unit: Beg for Mercy
Sugar Ray: In the Pursuit of Leisure
Frank Sinatra: Swing Along With Me
John Mayer: Where the Light Is
Robert Johnson: King of the Delta Blues
Mumford & Sons: Babel
Avenged Sevenfold:  Nightmare
Gary Clarke Jr.: Blak & Blu
Compilation: Smooth, Ultimate Late Night Grooves
Kings of Leon: Come Around Sundown
Frank Sinatra: Best of Duets
Dave Brubeck Quartet: Jazz Red Hot & Cool
Compilation: Jazz for the Road
Frank Sinatra: It Might As Well Be Swing
Ed Sheeran: X
Mumford & Sons: Sigh No More

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