There’s always more than one way to view life, even life in photos. What do you see?

Do you see the burned and charred remains of a once useful tree? A quiet spot for lovers to gather and spend intimate moments together beneath the shade this tree once provided, now no longer an option. 

Perhaps you see what occurs when you aren’t prepared for the worst. The dead tree serves as a reminder that fire spreads and to always be ready to extinguish the flames of life before they overtake you. 

Maybe you don’t even concern yourself with the tree beyond the fact it blocks the horizon. You enjoy the fog covering a landscape filled with grass, hills, trees & life.

Finally, it’s possible the tree is a symbol that beyond death there is life. Once you pass by what was you can enjoy what is. 

However you view this image remember that your perspective is unique and to be considered. Only you can view this image in your way and that makes it special. 


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