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Daddy’s Home – Box Office Review

There are films that take you to new worlds, exciting landscapes and spark thoughts that challenge and stimulate the mind. “Daddy’s Home” is not one of those films. It would be a boring life if movies were all the same and thankfully certain films are produced just to make you laugh. This is a movie designed for laughter. Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg return to the big screen to entertain and delight once more.

The premise of the film is identifiable for some, which helps create an emotional connection, which is important for film. A stepfather is attempting to earn a place in the hearts of his step-children. Things are going well when the biological father returns and shakes up the family dynamic being established. That’s it. It’s humorous and it attempts, slightly, to deliver a positive message about family togetherness and acceptance.

There are a few scenes where special effects were necessary for story telling and it was noticeable. I believe the decision was made to make even the special effects look humorous. If I believed anything else I’d be disappointed in how fake they looked. This movie doesn’t ask a lot from the audience except to laugh. I won’t ask a lot from this movie based on that impression.

The onscreen chemistry between Will and Mark continues to delight. The combination of their personalities is one of the highlights of this comedy. Thankfully, when they share screen time it’s entertaining and comical. These two actors compliment each other so well in comedies. Will is the straight laced, tender hearted, smooth jazz listening stepfather. Mark is the motorcycle riding, marathon completing, manipulative, bad boy, biological father. They play off each other so well and you can’t help but laugh.

“Daddy’s Home” is in theaters now! I give this film a piano ballad by Yanni with a jazz flute solo and a rock tune by AC/DC for good measure. If you need a break from life and thought this is a film for you. If you decide that you would enjoy shutting off your brain box for an hour or two and enjoy some laughs, again, this is your movie. If you score matinee prices you might enjoy it more but if it’s date night, purchase those tickets and share some laughs with that special person in your life.

Comment below if you’ve already seen it and share your thoughts! Join in on the fun of movie watching and share this post with anyone who you feel would enjoy another one of my Box Office Reviews.

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