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13 Hours – Box Office Review

There are two types of films from director Michael Bay. It’s either an action packed adventure that delights and entertains OR a mind-numbing, visually dizzying, garbage heap of wasted screen time that frustrates, bores and annoys. You have to possess a piece of the gamblers spirit, I feel, when it comes to watching a film directed by Bay. You never know what film you will get walking into that theater. You have to gamble your time with his films because it could be a complete waste of 2 hours or time well spent at the movies. His most recent film “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” is the latter.

The film is based on true events that occurred not that long ago in Benghazi, Libya. The CIA has stationed an outpost that is monitoring the sale of weapons by terrorist rebel groups in the area. The CIA are some of the last foreign intelligence in the area. An American Ambassador arrives heightening the tension in the area and the situation spirals into a fatal situation for some and life altering for others.

The action in this film is done so well I forgot I was watching a movie based on real life events. The actors play their roles well and even John Krasinski was believable in this film as a vet returning to battle as a hired gun. Did it take a second for me to forget he’s “Jim” from the hilarious american comedy version of “The Office“? Yes, but only a second. Once the action kicks in I completely forgot his more familiar character and was completely engaged in the action and story I was watching.

My only point of confusion was some of the edits in the film. I understand that the manner in which some scenes were cut was to heighten tension and build intensity. However, quick glimpses, up close, on blurry objects was distracting. It was these brief glimpses at objects out of focus that pulled me out of the film. It was for split seconds only but it was kinda confusing to think someone approved all those shots that I didn’t feel were necessary. Other than that, I really thought this movie was done well and I was glad Michael Bay refrained from some of his more common camera angles and devices used in his films.

“13 Hours” is in theaters now! I definitely recommend you see this on the big screen. It’s incredibly well done and entertaining. Even if you know nothing about the events that occurred in Benghazi you will enjoy the action, the characters and the story. This movie occasionally pulls at the heart strings. So be prepared to feel some emotions while watching all the battles on screen. Michael Bay did an excellent job telling the story and refrained, thankfully, from the political aspects. It’s a movie about the struggle and battles occurring in that region. If you didn’t know this was a true story, you’d think you just watched an entertaining action/war flick. Job well done, this time, Mr. Bay.

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