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Dirty Grandpa – Box Office Review

I had low expectations going into this film. I told myself that as long as this movie can deliver some quality laughs I will be happy. “Dirty Grandpa” delivered some humorous moments that were laugh out loud funny. The curious thing to me was that this film had the potential to be more. After leaving the theater I realized that the story was written in a way that could’ve been more developed similar to “The Hangover” but for one reason or another, it was not.

Robert De Niro basically plays himself but an easily excitable, lustful version of himself. If viagra were not an option I don’t know how well a premise like this film would work. He was ready to sleep with practically any female, single, attractive and available. When we first see his character, post the death of his wife, he’s masterbating while watching porn. It’s clear that this character he’s portraying is a departure from his usual oscar worthy performances. It’s still De Niro, so, he plays the part of a sexually driven geriatric well.

The jokes in this film were an assault on the senses. They were relentless. It was remarkable how many jokes could be made in one scene. It was overkill at times and hilarious the other times. When the jokes failed, Jason Mantzoukas was there to be the wildcard character we all know and love. His relationship with the police officers in this movie was one of the highlights. It was bizarre, uncomfortable and slightly crazy. It was comedy.

Overall, the film didn’t disappoint me because I didn’t have expectations for it to be more than it was. It delivered on what I expected and I was happy that I was able to enjoy a film that required zero brain power and produced laughter. Towards the end it started to get a little emotional and life lesson-esque but that didn’t bother me. It would be quite the challenge to create a story that started with a problem and ended with the same problem. Who would enjoy a story that goes nowhere? So, for me, I didn’t mind the peculiar moral compass that developed in the third act of the film.

“Dirty Grandpa” is in theaters now! If you have the cash and want to laugh you might get some friends together and go see this film. You do need to appreciate raunchy humor or you will most assuredly be offended, numerous times. At the end of the day it’s a comedy that doesn’t need to be seen on the big screen. You could easily skip this film and watch it on Redbox or whenever it comes on a cable/satellite channel. That being said, there is still something nice when sharing laughs with strangers in a room watching a comedy.

Comment below if you’ve already seen it and share your thoughts! Join in on the fun of movie watching and share this post with anyone who enjoys going to the movies.

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