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Deadpool – Box Office Review

Making a film that has a strong fan base is not an easy task. Granted, the majority of movie watching folks, like probably you, don’t know who this character is or where he comes from. So, how do you excite enough people who are unfamiliar with a character while paying tribute to that same character, so beloved by his following, that you create a film enjoyed by most everyone who watched it? Let’s dive in and take a look in this box office review for “Deadpool” by Fox Studios and Marvel.

First, you need to make an entertaining movie with an appropriate cast who are believable on screen as the characters they’re playing. This is basic film making 101. Hire talented people for the job you have to do. Next make sure the writers have a sense of the characters they’re pulling from the source material. Also, make the movie you want because you’re a fan of the thing you’re doing. This movie did all of these great and the opening weekend box office earnings are agreeing with me.

Next you need a marketing team that knows how to do its job. The marketing team behind this film was remarkable. They took the spirit of the Deadpool character and infused his essence into every online video, promotional art, PSA on testicular cancer, interview and trailer. This was the best marketing campaign I believe I have ever seen for a film in my life, so far. I will be surprised if the BLU-Ray doesn’t have all the viral marketing campaigns in the Bonus/Extra’s section. Again, the opening weekend box office earnings agree with me.

Now, let’s look at not what makes a movie successful but the movie itself. This film was an almost non-stop laugh riot with gratuitous violence aplenty. I felt like I was transported back to the 1980’s, early 90’s, action genre. The bad guys were bad guys because they’re bad people. There wasn’t a long drawn out story trying to explain how the villain might not be terrible because… he’s a villain and as such, he must die. I loved it. Now, on the contrary, the protagonist, is not necessarily good or bad. He’s indifferent. He’s selfish. He’s in love. He’s sarcastic. He’s a great fighter. He’s horny. Again, that’s basically the character from the comic books and I loved it.

The heart and soul of this movie, believe it or not, is the story between Deadpool and the love of his life Vanessa (played by the talented and beautiful Morena Baccarin). Here are two emotionally damaged individuals who find completeness in each other. It’s bizarre and beautiful at the same time. The viewers must take a step back from traditional romance and realize these two characters fell in love by realizing they found their soulmate, not a perfect person. Interestingly enough, they did find the perfect person for each other. The onscreen chemistry between Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin was humorous, heartfelt and touching (inappropriately and appropriately).

The rest of the supporting cast was also enjoyable. TJ Millar plays a great supporting character who is potentially the only friend Deadpool has, Leslie Uggams plays a great cocaine addicted, elderly blind woman and even Stefan Kapicic sounded great as “Colossus.” That all being said, or typed rather, the side character who stole the show, for me personally, was Karan Soni who plays Dopinder the taxi cab driver who is caught in his own love conquest. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy his performance or story as much as I did but my goodness, what a treat.

“Deadpool” is in theaters now! I give this film all the bullets and f-bombs imaginable. I haven’t enjoyed an action/comedy this much in longer than I can remember. This was old school badassery and I’ll be seeing this film again tomorrow. (I got a free ticket. How could I possibly say no?) Finally, it’s official that Marvel enjoys watching Helicarriers get destroyed… even already destroyed Helicarriers. Go see this film if you enjoy sarcasm, inappropriate humor, sexual innuendos, lots of violence and Ryan Reynolds. Oh, and grab a chimichanga on your way home too.

PS: I preordered my ticket which gave me this pretty fantastic miniature Deadpool character which I am all too excited about.


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