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London Has Fallen – Box Office Review

In a previous box office review I wrote about how a film can lose that special something if it’s too cliche’. The film that takes itself seriously and then decides to forgo that mentality and welcomes in predictable, over used, unimaginative moments either in story or characters are no bueno folks. However, if a film accepts the cliche’ as part of the overall tone of the movie it can work and can also be enjoyable. So let’s dive in and take a look at “London Has Fallen” and why in this case the cliche’ worked.

I have a special place in my heart for the over the top action films that celebrate the fact that they are precisely that and nothing more. The story is minimal. The characters are primarily superficial and lack depth. The action is nonstop and the pace of the film is heart racing, popcorn devouring, can’t look away because I’ll miss an explosion incredible. This movie was all of that in London, England.  If you decide at all to leave your sit for a restroom break you will miss something blowing up or exploding. It could be a grenade. A building could explode. A car bomb might detonate causing the car to fly into the air and smash other cars. Finally, you could miss a bridge going kaboom and collapsing into the river. It’s mayhem and it’s fun.

Next we have the dialogue of the characters which was so ridiculous it was incredible. We had lines like, “they should’ve brought more men” or “is that all you’ve got” and my personal favorite “get to the chopper!”There was no substance but this film wasn’t trying to achieve substance in conversation. The characters were just as cheese as the film and it worked. You could put earbuds in and jam out to your favorite artist while watching this movie and still enjoy it. Visually, this was an entertaining time in the theater.

Now, this is a sequel and I should confess that I didn’t see the original. After enjoying this film I do want to Redbox “Olympus has Fallen” and see how it stacks up, action wise, to this follow up adventure. If it’s chaos spectacular like it’s follow I will be happy. This film wasn’t designed to do anything but give you all the action you can handle and then just a little bit more.

“London Has Fallen” is theaters now! I recommend you use the restroom before watching this film. You won’t want to miss a second of the action if you’re into cheesy action films. If you want a movie with tons of gun play, car chases, explosions and cheesy cliche’ dialogue this is a film for you. If you want to see buildings collapse, bridges get destroyed and see London in flames this is a film for you. You won’t be disappointed if all you want is action.


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