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Gods of Egypt – Box Office Review

I had zero interest in seeing this film. The controversy surrounding the film, plus the online tirade the director had about people not liking his film all turned my attention elsewhere. I did receive a free ticket and the movie theater employees I speak with all had good things to say about this movie. So into the theater I went, with an open mind and low expectations for a quality film. So let’s jump in and take a look at “Gods of Egypt” in this box office review…

The first thing, and possibly the most important aspect, regarding this film is that it does not take place here on our planet Earth. This is an else world tale where the planet is flat like a monopoly board and the sun is moved around the earth by the sun god Ra. As soon as this is realized it helps alleviate some apprehension with how serious a film this could be. It should also be noted that the sun god Ra is using a space ship (or space boat) to pull the sun by use of some mystical chain. Periodically a mysterious space alien also shows up and attempts to eat the flat planet like the inhabitants are all toppings on some flat bread pizza. However, the sun god Ra shoots blasts of sun fire at the alien saving the day and preventing this giant space worm-thing from devouring earth and her inhabitants.

The characters in this film are pretty standard and two dimensional which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing because it felt like the parts were acted appropriately for the film. I didn’t find myself groaning or rolling my eyes in disbelief at these characters which was a positive. There wasn’t great acting but it was fine for what this film is. Also, at some points, I found the two young lovers played by Brenton Thwaites and Courtney Eaton to be quite charming. They had a fun chemistry which was a delightful and refreshing.

Overall, the story of the film is fairly pretty straight forward. It’s written like a mythological story about gods and humans would be I felt. The gods battle each other for rule of earth and a human is charged with aiding a god to help achieve their goal and save all reality. The story was entertaining and the characters were all unique in their own particular way. The two female gods who rode giant snakes were poorly acted but other than that, the god of wisdom was a fun character and some of the fight scenes were visually entertaining.

Gods of Egypt” is in theaters now! The special effects in this film on the big screen is worthwhile but this movie can easily be just as enjoyable in the comfort of your home. If your opposed to the idea of this film because there’s no black people, you should see this film because there’s plenty of black people. The god of wisdom is black. So if that’s your only reservation to seeing this film, rent it on Redbox. If you enjoyed the “Mummy” series a few years back you’ll enjoy this film. It’s got the classic ancient Egypt/fantasy cheesy score and it works perfectly. Again, rent it on Redbox. This is a fun film and it doesn’t ask a lot of you, the viewer. This is the perfect Sunday afternoon on the couch film if you enjoy fantasy movies. It’s not a great movie but it is a fun movie. It definitely is entertaining.


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