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Miles Ahead – Box Office Review

A passion project that took close to, if not, 10 years to make. This indie film explores the life of jazz great Miles Davis during the period in the 1970’s when he was trying to find his new sound. This film explores his life during his time working with Gil Evans and then flash forward to the films present day. I was excited to see this film because I love the music of Miles Davis, plus the cast of this film I enjoy. So let’s jump in and takes a look at “Miles Ahead” in this box office review…

The core of this film is Don Cheadle and Ewan McGregor and their performances as Miles Davis and journalist Dave Brill. I thought going into this film I was going to enjoy a movie about Miles Davis music but what I got was something so much more. This was an examination on his life during a period of difficulty and turmoil blended with his music. Don Cheadle gives us an incredible look at two different personalities. The early, well dressed, suit wearing Miles Davis and the drug addict, long haired, paranoid recluse Miles Davis.

The character study on a brilliant musician who loses his true love due to drugs, alcohol, paranoia and possibly even schizophrenia was fascinating. This film dives deep into the mind of a genius who is on the edge and trying to find his new sound. A complicated man who feels that life is all about moving forward and not dwelling on the past, we see a struggle in achieving his own beliefs. This violent, paranoid portrayal is complimented by Ewan’s performance as a somewhat balanced journalist who is trying to get the story no one else can get.

The flash backs in this film make things a little choppy at times because we are being thrown back and forth so often. Fortunately, we are able to discern which is the films present time and past because of the dramatic difference in appearance that “Miles” has. I was personally happy to see a scene in Columbia recording studios working on an album with famed producer Gil Evans. I love those recordings so to see them being replicated on screen was a delight for me personally.

Miles Ahead” is theaters now!  If you enjoy bio pics this is a must see. If you enjoy character study films, a must see. This film even has some action, car chases and gun play to keep things exciting. This isn’t just a film about a musician making music. This is a film that explores the mind of a genius who is destroying himself while trying to find himself. This film resonated with me and I was not prepared for the emotional impact it would have on me when I walked into the theater. Even if you aren’t a fan of indie films, you should consider watching this movie. So stop reading and get to viewing!


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