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Angry Birds – Box Office Review

Historically, video game movies have been one disappointment after another in theaters. Going all the way back to “Super Mario Brothers” in 1993 it’s been one long train of missed opportunities or box office bombs. Hollywood takes an intellectual property that has storylines, developed characters and an established fan base and somehow can’t make it work. So maybe the key is to make a film that only has a fan base. Let’s dive in and take a look at my thoughts on “Angry Birds” in this box office review…

If you want voice talent for a film then here’s your answer. This film is stacked with talent. Unfortunately, the lead voice actor Jason Sudeikis comes off more as a frustrated bird than an angry bird. I have enjoyed many performances of his but when I think angry I expect something similar to Lewis Black playing the emotion “Anger” in the Pixar movie “Inside Out.” However, Josh Gad playing “Chuck” the super fast bird was delightful. His vocal performance capturing the high energy and optimistic nature of this bird was spot on. I loved it.


The story deals with how everyone has a role to play in their community. They might be an outsider but at some point, duty will call and it will be their time to shine. This is a comedy after all so that means it’s not as serious as I might have made it sound just now. There’s a few laugh out loud moments but mostly I found myself chuckling. I will say that I felt the trailers gave away some of the more humorous moments which was disappointing after I realized it.

Angry Birds” is in theaters now! If you have kids you might consider taking them to the theater for a family viewing. The only inappropriate joke I thought was the eagle peeing in the water the birds were playing and splashing around in. This was in the trailer so it shouldn’t be too surprising for anyone. Overall, it’s humorous and the way they integrate the aspects of the game into the film were fun to watch. If you don’t have kids you can probably skip this film and see something else, like “The Nice Guys.” I wouldn’t say this film is as disappointing as previous video game movies but I will say it’s a step in the right direction without being a “must see” film.


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