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Sing Street – Box Office Review

Sometimes a film is made that resonates with a particular demographic of movie-watchers. It’s personal, the characters are identifiable and the situations relatable. “Sing Street” was a film that was all of that for me. It’s a story based on young high school kids who decide to start a band, create music videos and possibly, for one, win over a girl. So let’s dive in and take a look at my thoughts on this film in this box office review…

The film takes place in Ireland during the 1980’s. MTV is a brand new thing that is taking the world by storm and we are introduced to a teenager who is trying to find his place in his world. So in this quest to discover himself and impress a girl he does what every other teenage boy would do, he starts a band (well, at least that’s what me and friends did in High School). From there we are treated to the steps it takes to create a song, a music video and perform live.


The film itself is very simple. Nothing is too surprising or shocking and the characters are all uniquely different. The friends, the school principle, the girl, the parents, the curious brother who is obsessed with music, they each bring something special to the movie. I can’t really say any single character stands out above the rest even the protagonist is taking up the majority of the screen time, which is expected. This film really centers around him despite how many supporting characters join in on the fun. Ferdia Walsh-Peelo plays the role of “awkward teenager just trying to survive high school and win the girl” well. His bandmates are also entertaining in their own right.


If this film did one thing well it’s character development. The story is written plainly so it was up to the characters to sell me emotionally on this movie. This could be due to the fact that I could identify with the characters because myself and many people I knew were all doing high school bands. So, it didn’t take much for me to relate to these characters. Also, being a fan of music my whole life there was that aspect that was, again, easily relatable. The soundtrack to this film is pretty much 80’s new wave. So that’s fun. I’m confident that if you had a family member who was into music you’ll enjoy this film. If you didn’t, this might be a stretch for some.

“Sing Street” is in theaters now! I’m gonna say that you can wait to watch this film on Redbox or VOD. There isn’t a lot of special effects and it feels and looks very much like an indie film. It is an entertaining and charming movie which would make for a great Sunday afternoon on the couch viewing. Plus seeing kids record on the old, gigantic, VHS cassette video camera was fun nostalgia. If you were a high school rockstar or had family that was you’ll appreciate this film. If not, you probably will enjoy it but for different reasons.

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