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The Nice Guys – Box Office Review

If asked, I’m sure you have a particular director that you look forward to seeing additional films from. Their name appears and immediately your interest is peaked and you anxiously wait for the next film to be released in theaters. Shane Black has become one of those directors who, mostly, has been making entertaining films that I am re-watching almost 30 years later (Lethal Weapon 1987, he wrote it but Richard Donner directed it). When the news dropped that he was writing and directing “The Nice Guys” I had high expectations so let’s dive and take a look at my thoughts regarding this film in this box office review…

The films starts off in Hollywood California in the 1970s. A girl has gone missing, another one dead and as the story unfolds it’s clear that this won’t be just another easy cash grab job for either of the main characters. There’s violence, nudity, car accidents, humor, great music and more in this film. It’s practically got everything you’d want from a murder mystery/cop drama set in Hollywood of yesteryear.

Russell Crowe plays a hired hand who beats people up who mess with underage girls. Ryan Gosling plays a private investigator whose most recent case involves a missing person who hasn’t been seen since their funeral. These are not your typical hero’s, in the traditional sense, but they are the two men we are routing for as the film progresses.


The film revolves around the relationship these two men have with each other as professional colleagues but it’s Angourie Rice who really brings a sense of humanity and realism to the film. Her portrayal as the daughter of Holland March (Gosling) is not only believable but enjoyable. She brings out the best in both Jack and Holland and her determination and intelligence added a fresh personality on screen to keep things moving and feeling fresh.


The Nice Guys” is in theaters now! I recommend you see this film on the big screen. It’s not special effects heavy but the story is entertaining and the characters so remarkably done that it’s worth supporting with your hard earned dollars. I have seen it twice now and the second time was even more enjoyable than the first and I thoroughly enjoyed my first viewing. It’s a wonderful blending of “Lethal Weapon” meets “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.” If you enjoy character driven stories that keep you guessing and can make you laugh, this is the film for you. It’s quite possibly my favorite film of the year and definitely in the top 10 so far. It’s a fresh story and it succeeds without being tied to any other franchise or genre currently popular. Go see this film!


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