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X-Men Apocalypse – Box Office Review

Arriving in theaters, we have the 6th X-Men movie and the 9th in the franchise of films that stem from the same comic book source material, “X-Men Apocalypse.” This was an ambitious film to make. The introduction of new characters, the continuing story of familiar characters and trying to create a believable scenario in which the end of the world is inevitable, or is it. Let’s dive in and take a look at my thoughts of this film in this box office review…

As the film concluded I realized that this trilogy isn’t about the X-Men, it’s about the relationship between Professor X and Magneto. Secondary, but almost as important, it’s about recreating an entire world that was fractured in the “X-Men The Last Stand” film back in 2006. By the time the credits rolled I was grateful that this chapter has closed. I truly believe the franchise has been restored and we can now, officially, move forward without constantly trying to rework what was done over 10 years ago. I could be wrong, but I feel that Bryan Singer took 3 films to right the wrongs done, story wise, in that garbage film.

There was so much happening in this film it might be a struggle for some to keep up. I am not surprised at how poorly received this film has been considering how much information is shoved in. I’m sure things were lost in first viewing because I know while I was watching Weapon X break free from his cage and escape I couldn’t help but wonder how he got there when we first saw him in a bar telling Professor X and Magneto to “fuck off” back in “XMen First Class.”


The time line jumps around and it’s a challenge for me to believe that Magneto is Quicksilvers father when they don’t look much different in age. However, it’s a movie about a mutant who controls metal and more so there is a level of disbelief to suspend that is appropriate. I can let that slide I suppose, considering.


I really can’t say enough about James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender’s acting abilities. I, like most I’m sure, appreciate the levels they go to for these characters. The continuing struggle Magneto faces with humanity was elevated again in this film as time after time those he loves are taken from him. Professor X realizes the impact his role as leader and educator can have and how his actions can be profoundly important. Jennifer Lawrence on the other hand just showed up to get a paycheck. Her performance was so bland it was almost insulting. I know she’s capable of more and what I got was so much less than we deserve, knowing her talent.


I appreciated the new take on some familiar characters as well. We’ve seen Nightcrawler, Cyclops, Jean Gray (and her big scene at the end was incredibly gorgeous) Angel and others. I would’ve enjoyed seeing more of the Morlock’s. I definitely think there should’ve been at least some statement about who they are and why they do what they do. I suppose there was already enough new material for one film. And can we get anything on Jubilee? Why was she even in this film? She served zero purpose.


“X-Men Apocalypse” is in theaters now! I recommend a big screen viewing because the special effects are worth the big screen experience. The movie isn’t great but it is entertaining. If you don’t know anything about the X-Men comics but have been following the movies you’ll probably enjoy this film. If you are a die hard X-Men comics fan you will probably be disgusted. I went into this movie expecting garbage and walked out pleasantly surprised. I don’t know if that’s the ticket for success but it worked for this film. I might even do a second viewing just to catch some of the continuity points I probably missed. It’s a step down from the X-Men Days of Future Past” film but that’s not a slight against “Apocalypse”. “Days of Future Past” was an exceptionally fun time at the movies where as this film was only entertaining.



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