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Now You See Me 2 – Box Office Review

In 2013 we were asked to believe the impossible. Movie watchers were taken on a magical journey with four characters who fancied themselves to be modern day “Robin Hood” like hero’s. The film was enjoyable and successful enough to get a sequel, even though it took 3 years to make. So let’s dive in and take a look at my thoughts on “Now You See Me 2” in this box office review…

First, I’m not overwhelmingly a fan of Jessie Eisenberg but he does well in this particular role. I’m not entirely sure what it is about this character he identifies with so well that makes his screen time fun to watch but whatever it is, nice work. He delivers the arrogance, cockiness and slight “chip on the shoulder” attitude incredibly well. The supporting cast is also entertaining but Woody Harrelson is by far my favorite character in this series. This is important because he actually plays two different versions of his character in this film as it is revealed he has a twin. The back and forth between himself was so enjoyable and humorous.

The story doesn’t really ask much from people as it’s similar to the first film. Theres a new face added to the series as Daniel Radcliffe is cast as the antagonist. His role adds a slight twist to things that make this film stand on its own which was a positive. However, there’s the build up towards the end and the big reveal at the end of the film that really made me smile. The story continues to shape and develop around the “Four Horsemen” and that works. This film did have one major storyline that felt forced, which was kinda odd for me. Mark Ruffalo’s character felt somewhat forced to me. The film starts with some backstory on his character but it’s the four horsemen who move the story. His presence felt like a Mcguffin than an actual character. I can’t give much away without ruining the ending but it’s in the finale that my head tilt slightly in confusion. I asked myself, “Was his entire role in this film to serve as just a means for the story in a possible 3rd film?” If so, that’s a bummer.

now you 2

The one thing this film did well was entertain. It made such little sense but was such a treat to see. It was actually quite refreshing. It’s an original story and for that I instantly give it bonus points. It’s not a familiar book, or comic book or franchise being rebooted or video game. It’s just its own thing in the cinematic universe and that’s ok. We need more original ideas right now I feel and this is one of those films. It’s not a great film as there’s some story issues that ask a lot of the audience to go along with. It is, however, great to watch. Today we are fortunate enough to have special effects that almost appear as real as the clothes the actors wear. This helps in the some of he scenes as the movie demands a high level of disbelief being suspended.

“Now You See Me 2” is in theaters now! I recommend seeing this on the big screen because of its originality. I’m hopeful that people will really get out and see these types of films to help show Hollywood that we’re ready for new and exciting stories. Don’t misunderstand me and think that I’m not a fan of the franchise films that stem from books, comic books and video games. I absolutely am but I also really appreciate fresh films with new perspectives. It’s what I feel Marvel does well. They take comic book mythos and create a fresh look at familiar stories in a way that feels brand new. If you don’t see this in theaters, definitely Redbox this or watch it at home wth VOD.


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