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Finding Dory – Box Office Review

In 2003 “Finding Nemo” won over movie watchers of all ages all around the world. It had memorable little bits of dialogue that continued in the popular culture long after the film left theaters. In fact, if you tell someone struggling with a difficulty in their life “just keep swimming” they might smile for a moment remembering that little song Dory sang. It only made sense that a sequel would follow. So let’s dive in and take a look at “Finding Dory” in the box office review…


The story is a bit more involved than I imagined it would be. I wasn’t sure how Pixar could take a fish with short term memory loss and make an entire film around the adventures of a mentally challenged character. They did it and they did it well. They even reminded the audience who the characters are and the story they originated from which was helpful considering this sequel took 13 years to make. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the backstory moved as well as the flashback portions reminding us of the original.


The new characters introduced in this film were just as fun as the previous characters in the first film. Are they as memorable? Probably not but that’s ok because the screen time we are given is enjoyable, thought provoking and humorous. The journey to find Dory’s parents was also entertaining. Also, the special effects team did so well that certain scenes above water looked so good I had to blink a few times to make sure what I saw was digital and not real water.

It’s Pixar and as everyone knows these films always have a way of striking the emotional strings of our hearts and playing them to perfection. This film continued with that tradition. I’m man enough to admit that I did get a little misty eyed. I still suspect someone was cutting onions in the theater but I can’t say for certain. It’s not the film itself that created a beautiful heartfelt moment. It’s the celebration of Dory being a character with a mental handicap still being able to achieve so much. This film did a spectacular job getting the audience to see how someone with a disability can still contribute so much to the community and still succeed in the matters closest to their hearts. The ending really tied all this together in such a beautiful way I felt the heart strings being tugged and it was a genuine emotional moment enjoyed in the theater.

Finding Dory” is in theaters now! I recommend a big screen viewing because the film is absolutely worth a ticket price and the animation is fantastic. I wasn’t disappointed in this film at all and in fact I’m considering a second viewing. I absolutely abhor 3-D but am strongly considering seeing this a second time but in 3-D. I’m curious if there will be a bump in animation excellence with the added depth that only 3-D can give. I typically see 3-D as cheap gimmick to raise ticket prices without adding any extra value plus I hate wearing sunglasses in a theater. I’ll wear sunglass in a restaurant to give off the appearance I’m a rock star but a theater just feels dumb, Any who, enough about me, go see this film!!


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