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Independence Day Resurgence -Box Office Review

It only took 20 years to make but we finally got a sequel to “Independence Day” folks. Internet buzz told me that the Hollywood press wasn’t given an advance screening, which is always a bad sign, so I didn’t have high hopes for this film. So let’s not waste 20 more years in this introduction and let’s dive in on my thoughts of “Independence Day Resurgence” in this box office review…

What a piece of garbage. I can’t recall seeing a film this bad in awhile. I mean, wow. Just an absolute pile of hot garbage. I was flabbergasted at how insufferable the plot was, the characters, the dialogue, the story but I was pleased with how good it looked. So, much like the attractive musical pop stars who look great and sound terrible, this… yes, this film was a musical pop star. All look, no substance.


I shouldn’t feel this disgusted considering Roland Emmerich directed this stink fest. His last string of films were definitely lacking in everything but visuals. In all honesty, I should’ve walked into the theater knowing it was going to be lacking in everything but look, which it was. I mean, one of the main characters actually says the line “Here’s your first encounter” while shooting aliens. Kill me. The very beginning of the film we see two pilots screw up a landing and then magically figure out a way to stop the space station from collapsing on itself while shouting things like “but the engines are gonna blow” followed by some mess like “hold together” or “come on baby” and it was terrible.


Now there’s part of me that wants to believe there were moments of redemption in this movie. These were probably the moments which I slept in the theater. That’s right folks. I fell asleep not once but TWICE during this film only to wake up and see the exact same thing happening. This film felt like something that was made for television but got an insane budget and was pushed onto the big screen. It’s the science fiction space equivalent of a “Sharknado” film in my opinion. Just rotten to the core and such a waste of everyones time.

Independence Day Resurgence” is in theaters now! It shouldn’t be but it is. Don’t see this film unless you’re home and completely wasted out of your mind and can’t find the remote to change the channel. Then, you did that to yourself and you have to live with the consequences of your actions. If you’re into terrible science fiction films and enjoy mocking them, then this is the film for you! You can “Mystery Science Theater” the world out of this film. It’s ripe for jokes and sarcasm that is well deserved and earned. One can only wonder how much more disastrous they could’ve made this film had they waited 30 years instead of 20. Two thumbs down and flipping over tables to spill the popcorn.


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