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The Shallows – Box Office Review

From discussions I’ve had with the folks who work at the movie theater I frequent, I heard “The Shallows” was probably the scariest shark movie since “Jaws”. I walked into this film with an open mind considering the trailers didn’t really provide much information beyond a woman is being hunted by a shark in paradise. So let’s dive in and take a look at my thoughts on “The Shallows” in this box office review…

1271033 - THE WALK
Nancy (Blake Lively) in Columbia Pictures’ THE SHALLOWS.

The movie stars Blake Lively and to be honest the only other film I’ve seen her in was “Green Lantern” back in 2011. It was a terrible film but she wasn’t part of the disaster that was that film. She acted her part well to be fair. She made a curious choice to star in a movie that would require her to act on a level I had not seen before from her. Much Like Tom Hanks in “Cast Away” this film would require her to perform so well we wouldn’t need any other characters. I felt like her performance was better than mediocre and I enjoyed the screen time where she logically worked out solutions to the life threatening problems she faced. She was exciting to watch and had moments of high and low points which was better than I could’ve expected not being entirely familiar with her acting ability.


The supporting characters in the film were two surfers, a kid and a tour guide. Also, we briefly meet her father, sister and creatively we find out she was vacationing with a friend who enjoys a good party and attractive dudes. All of these characters have minimal screen time. The main supporting cast was the shark and a sea gull. Yes, the bird. Surprisingly, the sea gull provided some levity to an otherwise intense film. The shark was animated incredibly well and it’s size was enormous. When we see the shark underwater or attacking above water it’s clear that this monster of the sea is not playing around and is out for blood. It’s terrifying. I loved it. There are a few scenes that are shot from a birds eye view showing the enormity of this predator and that added a sense of terror and suspense that kept me on the edge of my seat.


The Shallows” is in theaters now! If you want to see a beautifully shot, suspense filled, shark movie you should see this film in theaters. It’s one suspenseful moment after another. As you find yourself breathing a sigh of relief that Lively’s character might finally be saved, it’s immediately stolen. The story keeps progressing and building and while doing all of this it gives slight clues to what the next shock will be. This only escalates the tension because you have a brief clue about whats about to happen but you don’t know when. The location of this film is beautiful and the cameras capture it wonderfully. The perfect looking location to be ruined by so monstrous a creature under the crystal blue water.


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