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The Legend of Tarzan – Box Office Review

Tarzan is one of the older stories around that still carries some popularity. It’s a difficult tale to pull off because it’s been done so many times. One challenge arises with regard to story telling and creating something fresh that hasn’t been seen before. So was “The Legend of Tarzan” able to pull it off? Let’s dive in and take a look in this box office review…


The story takes place after Tarzan has left the continent of Africa and has moved back to London, England. There, we find out that Samuel Jackson is in this movie. He plays the American who will become part of the convoy that heads back to Africa with Tarzan and Jane to find out about and stop the villainy that is rising in Tarzan’s home town. I’m gonna be honest, the overall story started off a little generic for me but by the end I was quite pleased. I was not expecting to find a story that dealt with slavery, race relations and the diamond trade at all. This new perspective and story on Tarzan was a delightful surprise for me personally.

The cast is also a talented bunch. I got a free ticket to see this movie and that’s the reason I went. I didn’t know anything about it except from one trailer I saw and that’s it. So when I found out that Samuel Jackson, Christoph Waltz and Margot Robbie were all in this film along with Djimon Hounsou I was happy. This cast is spectacular and the film was not lacking in actors who know how to create characters that are three dimensional and believable. At the end of the day, it’s Alexander Skarsgard who must deliver on a great performance because, well, he’s Tarzan. The character is quiet, brooding, thought filled and strong. This film didn’t ask for much from Tarzan and that’s probably a good thing. Alexander doesn’t have an established history of dynamite performances so pairing him with these other great talents is definitely a smart move.


“The Legend of Tarzan” is in theaters now! This was definitely a fun film to see on the big screen. It’s like Batman meets Spiderman all wrapped into one African jungle safari adventure. It was surprisingly enjoyable and the cast is all fantastic. It was kinda odd seeing Jackson as the comic relief but he did a great job in his role and provided enjoyable moments on screen. The story is involved because of the concepts this film deals with but it’s told well and it’s highly entertaining. On the big screen the computer animation looks great, the jungle looks lush and dangerous and the classic period this film takes place in feels appropriate. If you have the time, this is a great film to see on the big screen and it’s even a fun date movie if you can find someone you don’t mind spending about 2 hours with.



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