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Swiss Army Man – Box Office Review

Occasionally a film comes along that looks so absurd you can’t help but look forward to seeing it. Additionally, when that film has two talented actors leading the film it only increased the excitement for seeing the adventure take place on the big screen. “Swiss Army Man” was exactly that for me. So let’s dive in and see if the film managed to live up to my expectations in this box office review…


First, we have Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe. These two actors have been delighting movie watchers for years. Also, Radcliffe went to work on his acting chops with live theater which only helps. Having these two talented actors star and lead the film was a stroke of genius. I’m not sure how the logistics of everything was worked to get these two to star in a movie that deals with a dead body who has special powers that come alive as he’s reanimated because of a suicidal mans love for a complete stranger. It all sounds as bizarre as it was on screen. All things considered, it was hilarious. I’m not sure another two actors could have the dynamic range required to go from suicidal and dead to delivering comedic lines about boners, farts, sex, boobs, forest dwelling, friendships, relationships and love.


The story, as absurd as it was, actually had some redeeming qualities. If Paul Dano’s character is hallucinating the story is an introspective look at modern life, relationships and love. If he’s not hallucinating, it’s a buddy story that takes two opposing views and explores what it means to be a friend, find love and conquer the elements, including death. There’s a lot of great dialogue that explores the concepts of being alive and what exactly we have that makes us feel alive even in the midst of depression and suicidal weaknesses. If you can get past the ridiculous and hilarious moments on screen between a dead body and a live body, you might find this film to be charming, in a peculiar way.


“Swiss Army Man” is in theaters now! If you enjoy movies that explore what it means to be alive, find love, conquer your fears and develop friendships all the while making fart jokes,  penis jokes, boob and butt jokes, sex jokes, death jokes and more this is the movie of the year for you. If you need more realism and don’t find sex jokes that funny, stay far away from this film. I found this film so funny I was literally crying from laughing so hard. It was a surprisingly delightful film that went further into what it means to be a human going through life than what I could’ve possibly expected.


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