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Our Kind of Traitor – Box Office Review

While looking for a morning film to see I noticed this one had high marks on Rotten Tomatoes. It was also one of the only films out I hadn’t seen while at the movie theater. So I purchased my ticket and into the theater I went. I hadn’t seen a trailer, didn’t know anything the film except what I saw on the one sheet. So let’s dive in and take a look at my thoughts on “Our Kind of Traitor” in this box office review…


The film stars Ewan Mcgregor, Stellan Skarsgard and the incredibly beautiful and talented  Naomie Harris. Stellan plays a defector from the Russian mob and he is leaning on the assistance of Ewan and Naomie to try and get his family out of town and safeguarded in England. The film takes the route of a spy thriller meets drama. I feel like there should be a level of surprise on how entertaining and engaging the story was. There wasn’t any gratuitous sex, unnecessary foul language, over reaching violence and yet the entire time the movie is going I’m so hooked on the characters and what they’re going through it didn’t hit me until after the movie. This movie felt like a Bond film meets dramatic thriller and it was very enjoyable.


The entire movie is based on and revolves around the characters and the situations they’re in and how the they solve the issues. There’s some clever plotting that occurs once the British secret service are introduced as they are cleverly manipulating the situation to ensure that the intel promised to them is in fact of value. Every single actor in this film had me believing they knew their characters inside and out. Plus, it was nice seeing Mark Gatiss in something other than the BBC’s “Sherlock“. His delivery of lines is always timed just right and delivered with such a tone/attitude that I appreciate his talent. His role wasn’t too different than on “Sherlock” but it was still nice to see him branching out into more film.

Our Kind Of Traitor

Our Kind of Traitor” is in theaters now! If you enjoy dramatic, spy thrillers that will keep you guessing on who is good, who is bad, who survives and who dies, this is your film. I thoroughly enjoyed this film and wasn’t even sure what the movie would be about upon walking into the theater. It’s definitely not as violent as “Eastern Promises” but it is just as intense but in a different way. This movie really gets you to invest in the characters, despite some of them being linked to people doing terrible things. I definitely recommend you see this film. If you decide to wait for VOD or Redbox, that’s totally understandable. This movie doesn’t really have a lot of special effects or vivid scenery. It’s a character film which means the big screen might not be necessary. If you enjoy these types of films, however, I encourage you to see it while it’s in theaters. It’s definitely an engaging time at the movies.

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