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Secret Life of Pets – Box Office Review

This film had so much positive press and word of mouth before it even released in theaters. I heard children, teens and adults sharing their enthusiasm for this film and it felt like this film was going to perform well in theaters. The voice casting for this film is remarkable and that can only help raise the bar of excitement. So let’s dive in and take a look at my thoughts on “Secret Life of Pets” in this box office review…


If I could summarize this film with two words they would be, adorable & humorous. About twenty minutes into this animated movie and I was disappointed that I couldn’t be watching this with my dog, Austin the Dog. It’s the first time ever I have felt compelled to watch a movie with my dog. I’m fairly certain that means the writers and creative team behind this movie did their job well to make me think about my dog while watching their depictions of animals on screen. The captured essence of the animals was fabulous. When you see this film you’ll notice how each animal (dog, cat, bird, snake, gerbil, etc.) all have specific mannerisms particular to their animal. It was fun watching how the smaller animals maneuvered versus the larger ones. How the snake and birds moved around the downtown versus the dogs and cats.


The cast in this film seem to have a background in comedy. Since there are so many talented actors lending their voices for this film I’ll recommend you follow the hyperlink to the IMDB page and see there. If they aren’t stand up comedians, they’re television actors who were part of successful sitcoms or comedy movie actors, primarily. It’s a great cast that all know how to work their voices to create feelings of excitement, curiosity, anger, fear, adoration and more. I find myself laughing along with everyone else in the theater so often. It was such a great moment to share with so many strangers who all just wanted a fun movie to laugh along too.


The story is layered pretty well, considering it’s a film about animals. The driving motivations behind each character is unique to that pet and while the movie has several it never felt crowded. Each one stands on their own and adds something fresh to the story and actually feels appropriate and not forced. Wether it’s a squirrel who exists simply to torment a dog or a hawk who is trying to befriend smaller pets instead of eating them, it all works.


Secret Life of Pets” is in theaters now. If you have kids or not, this is a fun film to see in theaters. There’s a magic that occurs when you sit in a room with people and share laughter. You’ll feel that magic while watching this movie. If you love your pets, you’ll also appreciate this film. I walked out of the theaters smiling and felt a warmth in my heart from how good I felt after seeing this film and laughing so much. It’s definitely worth a big screen ticket price and could potentially be a fun date movie too if you both still maintain some level of child-like amusement towards the world at large. If not, just go find some kids and treat them to a movie. I’m kidding! Do not kidnap children to see a movie.

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