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The Infiltrator – Box Office Review

Drugs, sex, violence and beaches are all pretty common key words when you’re discussing the cocaine fueled era of Florida in the 1980’s. The volume of cocaine being shipped into America during this decade was unprecedented and it started an entire “war on drugs” led by our (at the time) president Ronald Reagan. So, were Bryan Cranston and John Leguizamo able to make us believe their U.S. custom’s agency status? Let’s dive in and take a look at “The Infiltrator” in this box office review…


Considering this film was based on real events I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw on screen. It’s more procedural than action packed but that’s not to suggest this film lacks action scenes. The entire movie is one man’s journey to stop a drug kingpin from continuing to build his empire on the Florida coast and in America. That one man is Bryan Cranston. Most people are familiar with his role as a drug king pin in the tv show “Breaking Bad” so to see him on the other side of the coin wasn’t much of a stretch. He’s a talented actor and that talent is present on screen. He brings a wide range of emotions to this film and it’s his performance that rises above the fray.

Simón Andreu stars as Gonzalo Mora Sr., Bryan Cranston as undercover U.S. Customs agent Robert Mazur and Juliet Aubrey as his wife Evelyn

The remaining cast was adequate with their performances. It felt like most of them were doing their best to portray terrible people or US Customs agents pretending to be terrible. Leguizamo had one really good scene where he’s confronted with a man being shot in the head at point blank range. His face gave me all the believable emotion I could want in that scene.  Also, it’s unfortunate Olympia Dukakis didn’t have more screen time because her character was enjoyable. She plays Cranston’s aunt and her very brief screen time was fantastic. She’s an incredible talent though so it wasn’t a surprise. Also, who is Benjamin Bratt’s agent that he keeps getting cast as a drug dealer or a character within that world? It’s almost like studios discover they need a drug lord and call Bratt’s agent. He played the same role in “Ride Along 2” which also came out this year!


Overall, the story is pretty compelling despite how weird the film ends. One could almost believe that Hollywood chose the ending to be dramatic but it was more confusing. I have a difficult time believing people would react in that way to that situation considering how they reacted to previous, and similar, situations. It was an odd choice but if it is revealed that in reality that is what took place I will be just as ok with the film.

“The Infiltrator” is theaters now! If you enjoy movies based on real events this is a good film to see on the big screen. If true life crime stories aren’t your preferred films, you can catch this on Redbox of VOD. It’s definitely worth watching but it doesn’t necessarily have to be in the theater. There’s one weird voodoo scene that didn’t make much sense but other than that it’s entertaining and it keeps your attention.


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