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Ghostbusters – Box Office Review

The wonderful thing about reboots is that no matter what you think of the reboot you will always have the original. The 1966 Adam West Batman didn’t disappear because Ben Affleck is now Batman. We live in a time that allows us to enjoy the past and present while still being excited about the future. So was the Paul Feig reimagining of the beloved franchise “Ghostbusters” enjoyable or will it haunt movie goers as another failed reboot? Let’s dive in and take at a look at my thoughts in this box office review…


The cast of this film is fantastic. I’m not limiting “cast” to just the stars. I’m talking about the cast as a whole. The film starts with Zach Woods giving a tour of a haunted mansion in New York and only goes forward from there. If you aren’t familiar with Zach go back and watch “The Office” for a look at his comedic timing early on. His delivery of lines is done so well that even simple reactions were funny. From there we get to meet all the ghostbusters, their receptionist and even the Chinese food delivery guy “Bennie” played by Karan Soni (who you might remember as the taxi driver in the Deadpool movie earlier this year). This cast is packed with comedy goodness and that only makes this film more enjoyable.

The overall story was surprisingly more thought out than I was anticipating however I did feel like all of a sudden in the third act of the film everyone realized we need to up the risk factor. The movie is moving along at an even and delightful pace then suddenly, the world is in chaos. It felt a bit rushed towards the end but in all honesty that’s really my only complaint. The characters were great and even “Slimer” was entertaining despite the fact he appeared to be a hillbilly. That was kinda odd but I didn’t think too much on that during the movie and won’t here in this review.


I am not familiar with Kate McKinnon or Leslie Jones at all. This film was my first introduction to them as actors and comedians. I was bothered by how Jones was portrayed in the trailers because she appeared to be a stereotypical hollywood movie black person which I’m not particularly a fan of because it feels a bit degrading as a main character to be so one dimensional. I am happy to report that her character is much more involved and developed in the film and the trailer does her an injustice. McKinnon had some of the best one liners in the film. One of my favorite comes towards the very end where she talks about who the new president is and how far into the future we are. Also, you can’t have Melissa McCarthy without her enduring some physical struggle/slapstick humor. Thankfully that only lasts for one scene and then her character is actually something to enjoy on screen.


“Ghostbusters” is in theaters now! Overall, I enjoyed this movie a lot. It was a fun time in the theater and it mixes action and comedy very well. After seeing this movie one has to wonder if Paul Feig makes intentionally bad trailers to lower people’s expectations or if he just doesn’t realize how poorly made the trailers are for his films until it’s too late. Either way, go see this film on the big screen. The special effects are pretty solid and since I’m always honest in my reviews you might consider seeing it in 3D. I know that you’re probably shocked by that statement if you follow my reviews. You already knew how much I can’t stand 3D. However, I did see this in 3D and it was incredible. If you’re wondering why I saw it in 3D it’s because the only time I could get to the theater to see this film was for a 3D showing. I’m glad I went. It is remarkable in 3D and the movie itself is entertaining. It’s nothing like the original and it doesn’t have to be. It stands on its own and I’m looking forward to a sequel if one is made. Also, the cameos from the original cast are pretty fun.


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