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Star Trek Beyond – Box Office Review

Maybe it’s me, but I’m noticing a decent number of films this summer had absolutely terrible trailers. This latest edition of Star Trek was no exception. The motorcycle riding, modern music blasting, action packed madness that was the first trailer left many of us discouraged. The most recent films have certainly had their own voice as far as films within this franchise are concerned. So was the first trailer the accurate representation of Star Trek Beyond or, like Ghostbusters, did marketing just suck the excitement for no reason? Let’s dive in and take a look in this box office review…


The film was directed by Justin Lin. His career has been serving mostly the action packed, car chasing, girls in practically no clothes, adrenaline fueled, nonsensical franchise, “Fast and Furious.” While this franchise has been entertaining at best, it’s building its fan base and theres more room for error when you’re creating new concepts instead of building on existing ones. The fans have already been gracious enough with the first two recent films by JJ Abrams considering how far of a departure they were from the beloved series… or have they? All in all, there are 200 entries of “Star Trek” in IMDB at the time I wrote this. Don’t believe me? Follow this link… I’m right because I can read. Now, can fans really be upset that the newest entry in an already extensive catalogue of films, tv shows, short films, games and more try to create it’s own unique style? Sure they can but I think it’s a bit short sighted. Let the creators create and realize who is creating. We knew going into this film it would be an action-fest because of Lin. So let’s move on.


The story was surprisingly creative as far as I was concerned. There were some pleasant twists and while there was a motorcycle chase scene, so what? It was a fun science fiction action adventure that was well written. It was a bit goofy at points and yes some scenes felt rushed but we only have so much time and the majority of the film I thought worked. I even appreciated how they used the modern music in the trailers as something actually justifiable in the plot of the film. I walked out of the theater smiling and all I could think was, another terrible trailer followed by an enjoyable film. I do not know who is responsible for marketing but some folks need to be reallocated to other positions.


The villain of this film was thought out and the twist with his character was definitely fun. I particularly enjoyed the characterization on the villain and Idris Elba delivers as only he can. The breathing, the pauses for words and emphasis and then as the movie progresses the evolution of his character and mannerisms were such a treat and the highlight for me. I still contend Idris Elba would make a fantastic Lex Luthor but that’s an entirely different blog.


Star Trek Beyond” is in theaters now! I definitely recommend you get out to the theaters and see this film on the big screen! It’s such a visual delight and the story is written so well that every dollar spent on this film will be worth it. This is the epitome of a summer blockbuster film. It’s a delight.

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