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Hell or High Water – Box Office Review

I will continue to say that genre isn’t as important as story. It doesn’t matter if the story is Fantasy, Action, Science Fiction or in this particular case, a Western as long as the story is good. Movie goers want a story that will allow them to experience feelings and take their minds to a make believe world for an hour and twenty minutes or more. So let’s take a look at my thoughts of “Hell or High Water” in this box office review…


This film is a modern day western with an attempt at adding a Robin Hood theme to it. I say attempt because the bank robbers aren’t giving the money to the poor, they’re just trying to creatively help their family using stolen money and established investment practices. The methods and tactics are well thought out and we are led to believe that people would be ok with bank robbery if they benefited from it because after all, banks are robbing the average man anyway. So in this story, I suppose, turn about is fair play, to a point.


The cast in this film is dynamic. We have Jeff Bridges (who basically is playing the character he played in “True Grit”), Chris Pine and Ben Foster. The surprise performance for me was Chris Pine. I wasn’t sure how much I’d enjoy his performance but his character develops nicely throughout the film and by the end we are seeing a different man than when the film started which was exactly what needed to happen. Ben Foster I am a huge fan of. Most people don’t remember his name but they do remember his face. He’s an actor that everyone asks “Who?” then when they see his face usually respond with “Oh, I love that guy! He was in…(insert any number of films).” He has so far always elevated the enjoyment of the films he’s in that I’ve seen. He’s an incredible supporting actor that only makes those he’s sharing screen time with better. This film is no exception. He really helps bring out the best in Chris Pine and adds a new dimension to his character that we might not otherwise get to experience. Foster’s character knows exactly who he is and acts his part to excellence all the way to the end of the film.


Hell or High Water” is in theaters now! If you don’t mind some social commentary on the banking industry this film is definitely worth seeing on the big screen. If you hate banks you’ll appreciate this film even more and should probably see it twice just because. If you enjoy Westerns this is also a very entertaining modern version. It’s got some short comings in dialogue and some slower moments in the 2nd act but overall this was an enjoyable film.


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