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Suicide Squad – Box Office Review

The last of the summer blockbuster films held the #1 box office spot for its first 3 weeks in theaters. It’s a testament to the quality of the film if you pay attention to these types of things. If you prefer to check Rotten Tomato scores you are probably surprised it was #1 for 3 weeks. So let’s jump in and take a look at my thoughts on “Suicide Squad” in this box office review…


When asked by people not familiar with the stories of “Suicide Squad” what to expect I would compare it the Dirty Dozen. It’s a band of criminals brought together to stop something terrible that would most likely result in their death. I will say that this was one aspect the film got right. The movie explained, mostly, who the villains are and why they’re in jail. I felt the story could’ve added more depth to what makes them so terrible instead of just bad guys. Also, I didn’t understand why we needed a double introduction for two characters, Harley Quinn and Deadshot, at the beginning of the film. The first time I saw the movie it didn’t bother me but the second time I realized what a waste of screen time that was and became annoyed at that one item.


The film itself left me feeling divided on how much I actually enjoyed it. The high points were high and the low points were low. The Deadshot scene where he is killing one monster after another was incredible. Most scenes with Captain Boomerang were boring. I don’t recall a moment that left me thinking simply, “that was enjoyable.” I was either loving it or hating it and after seeing it twice I’m leaning towards the negative by maybe 1%. I loved the character of Harley Quinn and Deadshot. I even enjoyed the Rick Flag character. I don’t understand why Katana was in this film at all. The purpose of her sword is to steal souls and that wasn’t used at all to it’s potential. The end of the film could’ve been done with any sword, knife or sharp object. She served no purpose. I was hoping she’d serve as a character like “Snake Eyes” from the GI Joe film but she didn’t. She was pointless and her dialogue was terrible, including delivery.


Additionally, the CGI animation towards the end of the film was atrocious. I mentioned this on the podcast review I did with “Cinema Head Cheese” but it’s worth repeating here, the special effects towards the end looked like something from the Brendan Fraser “Mummy” movies. It was awful. For a big budget film the special effects should’ve been much better. Also, why do I care about Killer Croc, Captain Boomerang, and pretty much anyone else? The story revolves around 5 characters and they are, Harley, Deadshot, Flag, Amanda Waller and Enchantress. Everyone else in this film felt like they were there because someone wrote them in and refused to remove them despite their uselessness to the overall story. The Harley story almost felt like a secondary plot to the film because there was this heavy subplot of her relationship with the Joker running throughout. It was almost two completely different movies.

Suicide Squad” is in theaters now! If you wanna turn your brain off and see some pretty dope action sequences and Margot Robbie in tiny booty shorts, go see this film. If you’re looking for a great summer action flick, this isn’t it. It misses the mark one time too many but I will say that the DC live action movies do make me think more their competition. Unfortunately, those thoughts are usually my figuring our how it’s possible to mess up great existing stories in the way they only seem to be capable of anymore.


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