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Sully – Box Office Review

Clint Eastwood has made some great films in his career, both as an actor and director. In this particular case, we are taken on a journey through the life of a man who saved the lives of those on his plane while also endangering them? That’s right. This film looks at the story of flight 1549 and how a plane can be forced to land on the Hudson River, putting everyone at risk if a single miscalculation occurs. So let’s dive in and take a look at “Sully” in this box office review…


This film doesn’t simply look at flight 1549 taking off and landing almost immediately after in the Hudson. This story is about a tenured pilots instinct, his abilities and his insight into safely, but curiously, landing in water instead of the nearest airport. The investigation, the personal stress, the friendships, the press coverage, the interviews, the late nights all play into this incredible look at a man who did what he knew best and overcame all the odds. By the end of the movie we realize that Sully was more prepared for the incident with the plane than he was the investigation that followed and all the media coverage. He’s taken out of his comfort zone but still maintains his cool in public and is determined to prove his actions were correct and the best option for the survival of his passengers.


The dialogue in this film examines the human side of the event. We see real life consequences that would last beyond the survival of that landing. We see how one miscalculation could end Sully’s career and cost him everything he’s worked for, including his home. The stress it puts on his marriage, his friendship with his co-pilot and his reputation which could jeopardize his ability to start his own company are all part of this movie. Tom Hanks does a fantastic job, as we’d expect, playing the man who is a hero but made to feel like a failure, briefly.sully_clip_onthehudson

Sully” is in theaters now. If you enjoy biopics this is the film for you. It’s heavy in dialogue and personal consequence. If you like court dramas this might also be a film for you because it plays out similar to a court drama as the investigation and hearings are held to see if Sully did in fact do the right thing. If you are a Tom Hanks fan you’ll also like this movie. If you enjoy these types of films I’d recommend a Redbox viewing or VOD. It’s a good movie and worth watching, however, I’m not sure a full ticket price of $12+ is worth it. Maybe matinee it for $5 but definitely check it out at some point.


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