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Magnificent 7 – Box Office Review

There’s plenty of films being remade or rebooted currently in theaters. Some of these retellings are done well, as we’d hope. Some leave us wondering why film studios would even bother remaking the movie at all (cough, Ben Hur, cough, cough). The fact is, films are getting a fresh look by modern story tellers and because of that I bring my thoughts on the remake, “Magnificent 7’ in this box office review…


Director Antoine Fuqua continues to make entertaining action films along with his muse Denzel Washington. The director/actor relationship between these two seem to work and fortunately for us they continue to make movies together. After seeing of few of his movies, I now know what to expect before walking into the theater. I wasn’t disappointed at all by the grittiness, violence or tone of this movie. I anticipate this style of story telling from him and, for the most part, I enjoy his approach to movie making. I was a bit put off by the initial monologue of the villain, played by Peter Sarsgaard. I enjoy westerns and period pieces when told well. I doubt highly though, in a wild west town the main villain would give a speech about “capitalism” and refer to it by such a name. I felt that this aspect of the monologue was a bit too on the nose with recent events for a period piece set in the wild wild west.


The violence in this film was everything I wanted from a western. Gun play, knife throwing, arrows being shot into people, fists to faces, horse riding tricks and even a gatling gun are part of this action packed onscreen adventure. I was not in the slightest disappointed with this aspect of the movie. I loved all the fighting, explosions and casualties. It was great fun and one of the most entertaining westerns I’ve seen in awhile.


Magnificent 7” is in theaters now! If you’re a fan of the original, which I just re-watched before writing this review, you’ll appreciate the similarities but could be put off by some of the differences. Probably the most altering difference was the ending. The original lends itself to a more touching conclusion. The remake is pretty straight forward in that it’s action, action, action, and now it’s over. If you’ve never seen the original, check it out one Sunday afternoon while sitting at home on the couch. Another difference was the language used in each film. The original is bit cleaner and less racist. However, both are entertaining films and I recommend you get off the couch and get into the theater to see this remake.

Denzel Washington;Chris Pratt;Ethan Hawke;Byung-hun Lee;Vincent D Onofrio;Manuel Garcia-Rulfo;Martin Sensmeier

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