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Deepwater Horizon – Box Office Review

In April of 2010, an offshore drilling rig exploded. This story was captured on all news networks and talked about nonstop because of the lasting impact it had on the families of the workers, the oil industry and the environment of the gulf coast. So, why not make a movie about the event? Let’s dive in and take a look at my thoughts of “Deepwater Horizon” in this box office review…


Mark Wahlberg continues to be the champion performer celebrating the life of the blue collar worker. We’ve seen a few movies where he’s portrayed either a body builder, a gambler, a member of the US Armed Forces, a Fisherman or a Boston cop. In this next performance he’s a career oil worker with a wife and kid who both adore him. He gives a great performance in this film as well. The beginning of the film he’s charming and by the end he’s a man who must act to save those he cares about and then the after math of the explosion.


This film is stacked with talent. I was happy to see Kurt Russell and Kate Hudson back on the big screen. Kurt Russell plays his role to excellence and considering the tragedy that occurs to him personally and how well he portrays that pain and agony, just wow. Kate Hudson plays the loving and determined wife but in all honesty, I would’ve enjoyed a bit more believability during the crying scene where she finds out about what’s happening on the oil rig. It didn’t look like crying to me personally as much as the tears we get from onions being cut. Other than that, I enjoyed her performance.


Deepwater Horizon” is in theaters now! If you enjoy biopics this is a movie for you. This film is dialogue city and it’s a story of people. The film itself isn’t surprising if you remember the events that occurred 6 years ago but if you don’t know about it, then you might find yourself feeling a bit more stress up into the ending of this movie. The characters are all acted well and the talent in this film is top notch. It’s worth the big screen ticket price or the matinee $5 price.


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