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Storks – Box Office Review

Animation has really been improving as the years progress and that has benefited storytelling and the movie going experience. Plus, the better the films get the more involved acting talent gets involved and we’re often surprised by their vocal performance, or not. Sometimes we don’t even realize the voice talent performing and this movie carries both scenarios. So let’s dive in and take a look at my thoughts on “Storks” in this box office review…


The film takes place in a time where storks no longer deliver babies, but instead are the delivering force for a company similar to Amazon. We replace baby delivery with cell phone delivery and the story is off and running. We meet a young stork who is being considered to be the next head of the company and his last job before being promoted is firing the human who is still working for the company and causing chaos. Instead of firing her she is reallocated to the mail room and from there we get our first new baby in quite some time and this baby must be delivered before the boss finds out and all Junior (voice by Andy Samberg) has worked for is lost.


The story is entertaining in that the predicaments the main characters get into keeps elevating the story in humorous ways. The wolves were by far my favorite but the weird pigeon was a massive annoyance for me. As hard as I laughed at the wolf pack scenes I was equally frustrated with the pigeon scenes. It was such a weird back and forth of emotions in an animated film. To the films credit, emotions were captured quite well on screen I thought while watching this movie. I believed the voice talent and the emotions they portrayed and the overall story smacked me right in the feels. The end of the film reveals how important adoption is and the special place in a families heart an adopted child takes. Being an uncle for an adopted niece I couldn’t help but catch the feels at the end of the film because it made perfect sense to me, personally.


Storks” is in theaters now! If you enjoy a touching and humorous animated film about a families desire to add love to their family through adoption this is the film for you. If you enjoy animated films, also for you. I walked out of the theater feeling all warm and fuzzy because I couldn’t stop thinking about my niece and how special she is and how much I and the family all love her. This movie was definitely a surprise for me and I’m glad I took the time to see it in theaters.


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