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Inferno – Box Office Review

Ron Howard and Tom Hanks step back into the world of Dan Brown novels as we get the third film in the franchise, Inferno. If you’ve been enjoying the first two films this won’t seem like much of a departure however there are some distinct differences in how the story is told. So let’s dive in and take a look at my thoughts of “Inferno” in this box office review…


First we’ll start with how the visuals in this story had their own unique look to the trilogy. This film had an almost horror vibe to it in the depiction of apocalyptic events and plagues. However, by the end of the film it falls back in line with how the first two films in the franchise appear. This felt like two different movies. Once we get past the distorted reality that our main character Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) passes through the movie looks like a well shot crime/mystery tale that we’re familiar with from “Da Vinci Code” and “Angels and Demons.” The color choices used in this film elevate the third act as we see the team searching through a cavern, filled with an orchestra performing a concert, where the waters are almost blood red. This is a visually delightful movie.


Next, the casting in this film is top notch. When I saw Ben Foster was cast I became immediately intrigued. This guy takes every role he accepts and elevates my enjoyment of the film by his talented portrayal of whomever he is representing. In the trailer we see that he jumps off a building to his death but I’m happy to report that he is prevalent throughout the film. Ben Foster fans need not worry about his screen time being minimal. Next, Felicity Jones, Omar Sy and Irrfan Khan add depth to the casting. I wasn’t aware walking in how much I would enjoy this film but the casting has plenty of talent that make each character more believable than was probably needed and that’s ok.

Omar Sy

Inferno” is in theaters now! I’m not sure I’d recommend this film as a big screen viewing. The beginning uses a lot of jump cut scenes that made me feel disoriented. I understand the main character was feeling that but I didn’t need to be taken on the journey that intimate. I found the story not written, necessarily, as a 3 part play but two separate stories and the visuals also feel the same. It’s my favorite of the three only because of the originality used in the visuals and complex twist the film takes in what I’m assuming is the third act. However, at best this film is only mediocre and I’m not comfortable recommending you spend your hard earned dollars on box office ticket prices.


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