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Trolls – Box Office Review

Dreamwork’s took a shot at making a musical animated film in a time where we don’t see many musicals on the big screen. There’s plenty of song and dance shows on television but we don’t see many musicals on the big screen right now. So let’s dive in a take a look at my thoughts on “Trolls” in this box office review…


This film was made for kids, plain and simple. The bright colors, the hurried pace of the film, the basic plot and the overly exaggerated characters on screen are all visual candy for kids if all my years of watching movies and having been a kid once myself are any indicators. The songs explore relationships, adventure, celebrations and sorrow very broadly expanding the universality of this film. You don’t have to be a troll with magic hair powers to relate to the songs these characters sing because they’re relatable to any age beyond 5 years old and that plays to the strength of this film.


The voice talent in this film isn’t necessarily voice actor talent as much as popular names that are recognizable. I don’t recall the majority of the actors being actual “voice actors” but just actors or singers, which is fine. After all, this is geared for children so they really only need to take a vintage toy line with popular current names and make it seem both fun for the kids and identifiable for the adults taking their kids which I feel they accomplished. This was just a fun film that didn’t ask a lot from me as an audience member. The deeper message that happiness can be achieved in new or different ways was predictable but still entertaining. Also, for as random and almost completely useless the cloud was in this film, I loved his small part and the time he was on screen.


Trolls” is in theaters now. If you have kids or just like kid movies, this is definitely the film for you and your family. Also, why not take some time for family and enjoy some light hearted fun at the movies. This film might not win any oscars or make you think much but it has some humorous moments and the songs aren’t cringeworthy. If you feel the desire to spend some time together out of the house as a family, I’d recommend seeing this on the big screen, if money is an issue you can also wait for Redbox and make a family afternoon at home out of this film. It’s versatile like that.


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