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Arrival – Box Office Review

I walked into the theater knowing absolutely nothing about this film. I had read a few tweets celebrating the story and the originality but beyond that I was clueless what I was about to get into with my ticket purchase. So let’s dive in and take a look at my thoughts of “Arrival” in this box office review…


I was pleased with the casting of this film. When your four leading talents are Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Michael Stuhlbarg and Forest Whitaker you can safely assume the acting will be enjoyable. It was. Each character played a completely unique voice as all four work together to try and figure out the sudden arrival of alien ships on the planet Earth, each with separate purpose and motivation. As per usual, Renner had the comic relief bits to provide some levity to an otherwise thought provoking examination of how communication matters and why proper communication is essential. This film explores what it means to share thoughts and concepts, the value in sharing and why what is perceived could be misleading with misinformation.


The story, overall, was not all that challenging. It’s plot is fairly simple. Aliens land, we need to figure out what they’re saying, some humans act crazy, communication and understanding saves the day. Not all that interesting when broken down in that manner. However, the language the aliens use was brand new. In fact, the movie goes as far as to calculate the language in mathematical terms to try and decrypt the symbols to better understand their meaning. The details of this story are what shape the concept into something special and worthwhile. This would be the second science fiction film this year I’ve seen and reviewed that was not overly special effects heavy, the first being “Midnight Special.” The attention to detail in character development, tone, story and look make this film a must see for science fiction fans and for those of us who also love thought provoking drama’s.


Arrival” is in theaters now! I recommend this film to most everyone. It’s well told and it keeps you thinking. I won’t go as far as to say you must see this on the big screen but I will encourage you to. This is an original story that isn’t a reboot, a sequel or filled with comic book characters. I’m not knocking those types of movies because I’ve been enjoying most of them. I just talk to movie goers and they seem to voice their frustrations with how many theaters are filled with those types of movies. So, if you’re one of those folks then you need to see this in theaters and support originality, whenever done well. “Arrival” was done well. If you wait for Redbox or VOD, it’s still worth your time.


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