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Bleed for This – Box Office Review

Based on a true story, champion boxer Vinnie Pazienza was in a car crash that almost completely breaks his neck. He is given two choices from his doctor and he decides to go with the more dangerous option that provides him a slight chance at boxing again. So let’s dive in and take a look at my thoughts on “Bleed for This” in this box office review…


The fact that this was based on a true story and focuses on the triumph of the human spirit should surprise few people being how it was released during the holiday months. This is the time of year for movies like this because now is the time for catching the attention of the Oscars. I can’t say this film will win many awards, if any, but it certainly felt like they were trying to win or at least be nominated. As I watched the film I enjoyed Miles Teller and Aaron Eckhart’s on screen chemistry. They both are talented actors and they appeared to dig into the characters they were portraying. From their first meeting, to private training sessions/physical therapy and back into the ring, these two were believable.


Ben Younger wrote and directed this biopic. I didn’t recognize the name and when I looked at his IMDB page (see previous hyperlink) it made sense. He hasn’t really directed many films. This movie had some serious pacing issues and it felt like it lasted forever. This movie moves at a slower pace than I anticipated which made my enjoyment lessen. Perhaps after a few more films Younger might work out some of the pacing issues I felt in this film. He clearly understands character development and relationships after watching this movie because the characters were all great. I just felt like time had stopped when the boxing stopped and then slowly started picking up again as the physical therapy started. Maybe that was intentional. I don’t know.


Bleed for This” is in theaters now. You really have to like boxing movies or biopics to see this on the big screen. Like I mentioned, it’s a very slow film that feels like it’s 3 to 4 hours long but the characters are worth watching. If you have a Sunday afternoon and find it on Redbox or VOD I’d recommend that. It’s a good film that just crawls to the finish line.


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