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Rules Don’t Apply – Box Office Review

Warren Beatty returns to the big screen portraying the eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes in this biopic that examines a possible love story between a two young bright eyed enthusiasts looking to make a mark on Southern California circa 1958 along with their entanglements with Mr Hughes. So let’s dive in and take a look at “Rules Don’t Apply” in this box office review…


Overall I was pleased with the film. It gave me exactly what I was hoping it would which was a fun period piece of Hollywood back in the 50’s. The characters were bit exaggerated but the relationship drama made it feel relatable but still a bit over the top. Everyone played their parts to almost exactness which also made it feel more theatrical and less cinematic. As I continued through the film I wondered how much more enjoyable it would be live on stage because of how the story was presented on screen. In short, you could almost say it feels like a Hallmark or Lifetime film.

The acting talent was spectacular. Warren Beatty, Mathew Broderick, Alden Ehrenreich, Alec Baldwin, Candice Bergen, Martin Sheen and more. There’s almost too much talent in this movie and everyone of them performed well. I don’t recall a single character being a distraction but instead they all fit into the dramatic puzzle playing out on screen. There’s love, angst, jealousy, humor, depression, anxiety, passion and more. It was one of those films that just feels like a refreshing cinematic treat which doesn’t come along often.


The title of the movie stems from a conversation between a driver and budding hollywood wannabe starlet and then evolves into an enchantingly simple piano/vocal ballad. The progression of the character to find herself in a position where the song just comes from within her heart onto the keys of the piano and from her voice was wonderful. I would purchase the song off iTunes for .99 cents in a heart beat. It was simple and charming. It was universal to everyone who’s ever been in love and looked across the table at their lover and told them, the rules don’t apply to you. There was a magical moment captured wonderfully on screen in that exact moment.


Rules Don’t Apply” is in theaters now! As much as I enjoyed this film I won’t recommend you see it on the big screen. The cost of the ticket is only paying for the acting talent and one moment where a song is born. The rest of the film, as I stated previously, feels like a Hallmark or Lifetime movies. It’s great for Sunday afternoons on the couch if you rent it from Redbox or VOD it. It’s a perfect at home relaxing movie because it won’t ask much of you but might give your heart a tickle by the end of the film. I should also caution you that while it has some touching moments, in the end, it’s a man’s decent into isolation and insanity. The story of Howard Hughes doesn’t end well and this movie concludes with that tragic reminder.


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