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Bad Santa 2 – Box Office Review

The sequel to a darker holiday film that continues the heist mentality of two morally depraved individuals who, at best, are at their best when stealing from other people or each other. This film takes a deeper look at family and family togetherness during the holidays. It even goes as far as to explore relationships where at least one person isn’t completely self absorbed and destructive. So let’s dive in and take a look at “Bad Santa” in this box office review…


This movie was garbage. The emotional side of my brain wants to refer to this film as “abysmal” but it has a few redeeming laughs peppered throughout the film which prevented me from walking out of the theater. The writing is cheap. The characters are, mostly, developed well only because we know them from the first film. The jokes are forced and poorly written. Actually, the entire movie is poorly written. This film felt like 3 dudes and a lady got drunk and stoned and then decided to write a script about characters that have already made an enjoyable film. Short, choppy dialogue that is reminiscent of young adult films like “twilight” made me want to pull my hair out. I enjoy Billy Bob Thornton on screen but even he wasn’t enough to save this irredeemable pile of cinematic garbage.


Bad Santa 2” is in theaters now. If you have the opportunity to see this on the big screen, don’t. If you have the opportunity to rent it for 99 cents on RedBox, don’t. Save your money and time. If you ever find yourself completely rocked out of your brain from booze or other things and it comes on a cable station and you can’t find the remote, well ok. You put yourself in that predicament so you have to live with the consequences.



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