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The Edge of Seventeen – Box Office Review

Once in awhile a trailer for a movie drops and I’m left more curious than excited. I see the potential for the movie in the preview but I’m not certain if it will deliver. I see the cast and I trust their talent but I don’t know if the director will tell a story that’s utilizing their talents to the fullest ability on screen. This was the struggle I faced before walking into the theater. So let’s dive in and take a look at “The Edge of Seventeen” in this box office review…


I had no expectation for excellence walking into this movie. I was completely curious if the talented leads would be the highlight, would the story fall short, would it deliver? I had more questions than expectations for this movie. I knew that I could count on Hailee Steinfeld and Woody Harrelson. I had faith that Kyra Sedgwick and Haley Lu Richardson would deliver a performance that wasn’t a suck fest. I was not wrong on the acting talent. Every character in this movie felt like something special on screen. The believability, the charm, the bizarre, the creepy, the disgusting were all just little delights throughout this film. I truly enjoyed all the performances. The one character who really humanized the whole story arc for Hailee’s character “Nadine” was Hayden Szeto. He plays this socially awkward, artist/film maker, who has a school boy crush, or more, on Nadine. It’s absolutely painful to watch in a humorous way. He’s trying so hard to be nice while being himself and still being completely enamored for Nadine. He was the surprise take away for me in this movie.


The overall story is a coming of age tale for the main character Nadine. Hers is a story that is filled with loss, social ineptitude, repressed anger, compassion, love and hate. She’s complex but simple. She wants companionship but makes every effort to drive people away. She’s all the things and nothing at all as we watch her develop through the first two acts. It’s a series of events that help self realization kick in not just for her but her family, and closest friend. This movie would make John Hughes happy and if you understand that reference you will be happy watching this as well.


“The Edge of Seventeen” is in theaters now! I can’t recommend this movie enough. I loved it. It was the surprise delight of the year for me, so far. When asked if I would see it again I replied, “It’s playing in 45 minutes if you’re serious about seeing this with me.” I loved this movie. It’s a wonderful character film about a youthful life and discovering the identity we cling to might actually be a detriment for our personal growth and development. In Nadine, perhaps we can all see how our defenses aren’t necessarily making other people lose out on a relationship, but instead, are preventing something, or better yet, someone special from entering our own lives. Go see this film!


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