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Office Christmas Party – Box Office Review

There are holiday movies that are made for the whole family. There are also holiday movies made for a specific demographic, who enjoy a certain style of humor and comedic timing. I believe that this was made for a specific audience but it has enough diversity to also offer a welcome holiday hand to those who just want a comedy to laugh along with. So let’s dive in and take a look at “Office Christmas Party” in this box office review…


From the very first trailer I saw I was ready to see this film. The cast has comedic timing, experience and talent. It’s almost unfair how much comedic talent is in this movie. From the opening dialogue to the very last scene there’s plenty of laughs to enjoy and plenty of predicaments the characters get into. Each character had a specific personality which made the overall story more entertaining and the story itself was constructed fairly well. Overall, it’s paint by numbers and you can definitely tell the movement between first, second and third act. However, the movie is called “Office Christmas Party” so I wasn’t expecting a cinematic masterpiece. I set my expectations at “enjoyable comedy” and I wasn’t disappointed.


Jason Batemen was Jason Batemen. TJ Miller was TJ Miller. Olivia Munn and Jennifer Aniston also performed as expected and that’s why I went to see this movie. I had an expectation and they met the expectation. I wasn’t underwhelmed by any of the characters and once again Kate McKinnon was the stand out for me, as she was in the recent “Ghostbusters” film. While her character was a caricature she was still a highlight for me and gave me some of the best laughs. The chemistry between all the characters also worked very well. The two nerds who keep hacking peoples emails and Facebook accounts were just a special prize in this film. And Karan Soni was just a perfect desperate IT nerd. Also, how could I write this review without mention Rob Corddy as the impatient, foul mouthed, insufferable Customer Service Manager. It was all just so much fun.


Office Christmas Party” is in theaters now! If you enjoy modern comedies that have a bit of raunchy humor to them I definitely recommend this movie on the big screen. It met my expectations and even surprised me. I walked out of the theater smiling so hard my cheeks hurt. If you enjoy the cast of characters I mentioned above it’s worth your time and money because they do not disappoint. There’s still a few comedic surprises I left out because I don’t want to spoil the laughs when you finally experience them. I enjoyed this Christmas movie and I hope you do as well.


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