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Allied – Box Office Review

It’s officially the season for those dramatic films that are shooting for the glory of “Oscar” winner. We are treated to the best character pieces that examine what it means to be human in certain scenarios and challenges us to examine our thoughts and feelings on the topic. Would we do the same thing? Would we act differently? Can we identify or do we fall back in disgust? So let’s dive in and take a look at “Allied” in this box office review…


First, a film staring Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard is getting my attention. From the first movie trailer I knew I would be in the theater to see this one on the big screen. Plus, we add Jared Harris as a secondary supporting character to Brad Pitt and it’s almost a guarantee the acting will be something special. I was not disappointed. In fact, the story itself was an incredible surprise but more on that later. At opening we meet Brad Pitt’s character and a cab driver. The cab driver was good. I’m telling you folks, even the mostly silent, almost non present, ancillary characters are good. This film doesn’t waste any talent and takes it’s time with each moment they are on screen. Whether the characters are exchanging pithy banter to help add depth to the characters backstories, making them more human, or adding conflict, each moment was calculated and surprising in positive ways for me. Even the short scene where Pitt is leading a small subversive group into the heart of a Nazi German held city center, I bought into it all.


The story was a big surprise for me. I knew from the trailers that the main struggle would be Pitt discovering out if his wife, and mother of his only child, was a Nazi spy or not. However, even knowing that, I did not know how well the story would constantly build tension from start to finish. This is not an exaggeration, the tension builds from the time we see Pitt grab his gun in the very first scene to the finale at the military air base. There are brief little breaks of tension but they don’t last long and it’s building, building, building all over again. The surprises in characters, not knowing 100% who is a spy and who isn’t until the very end, it’s all one great mental and emotional puzzle that pays off at the end.


The most fascinating thing about this story, for me, is that it’s all about Marion Cotillard. Yes, there are two main characters but you must pay close attention to the writing and how Cotillard delivers her lines to truly grasp the quality of this film by the time the finale unveils the answer to the mystery. A woman who, seemingly or genuinely, has a fondness for her husband and daughter, is leading us on through a maze of possibilities and I loved it. The discussion about what her “truth” is can be had at length after watching the film while it’s much clearer understanding for what “truth” was to the character Brad Pitt played. Cotillard was dangerous but innocent. She was revealing but secretive. She played this character to perfection in my opinion and I couldn’t be happier with her performance.


Allied” is in theaters now! If you enjoy character drama films than I recommend this film on the big screen. If you love Oscar contenders I also recommend this film. If you enjoy the main characters I mentioned above, I recommend this movie. I walked out of the theater so pleased with what I just saw and I didn’t think twice about the cost of the ticket. This was a truly engaging film. The story is told so well that even after all is revealed and the credits roll, you still can discuss the film in length and learn more about it.


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