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Why Him? – Box Office Review

When marketing gives you a concept of a film, or automobile or even delicious taco’s and all that was advertised turns out to be true… well that’s a good day. The marketing for this next movie was as true and honest as could be. What you see is what you got. So let’s dive in and take a look at “Why Him?” in this box office review…

The overall tone of the film is light hearted and humorous. It’s jokes are raunchy, rude and inappropriate. The characters each represent a specific personality and are over emphasized for comedic purposes. This movie required so little brain power that I loved it. After the emotionally charged, character driven oscar worthy films I’ve already reviewed, here comes a comedy that permits you to shut your mind off and laugh. It’s a good time and it pulls no punches.


The main plot is boy meets girl and falls in love and attempts to win over her family in his own unique, albeit peculiar, way. Laird Mayhew (James Franco) is the most honest individual in the film, both emotionally and verbally. By the end of the film Ned Fleming (Bryan Cranston) realizes that Franco’s character isn’t pretending. He legitimately doesn’t have the capacity for lies. The surprise highlight for me was Gustav (Keegan-Michael Key). He plays the property manager/best friend/martial arts expert. His forced German accent was noticeably terrible but he owned the awfulness too well and made it comical. Hearing him shout “Shiza” periodically throughout the film was a small treat. There’s also a well placed joke about “bukake” that pays off well in the second act of the film. It’s tiny little comedic moments like this peppered throughout the film that made this an enjoyable time spent at the movies.


There’s also a few surprise cameo’s in this film that I won’t spoil here because they add to the moment and are also completely ludicrous. Each character in this film represents a specific personality and every actor plays that stereotype to the fullest. Even the voice over work for “Justine” the house AI was done well. This is a silly, inappropriate and entertaining comedy for the holiday season.


Why Him?” is in theaters now! I won’t recommend you rush out and see this before it leaves the theater but I will encourage you to put it on your Redbox or VOD list. It’s a fun film that will provide plenty of laughs if you enjoy crude humor, which I do. The story doesn’t ask for much and you won’t walk away from this film in deep thought but you’ll be smiling by the finale and you may even find yourself quoting the film going forward. No clowning.


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