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Underworld: Blood Wars – Box Office Review

A movie franchise typically has a shelf life but there are exceptions to the rule. Star Trek for example has been around long as a film franchise to have been ok, great, terrible and great. Star Wars also has shared that same arc, however as a Star Wars fan, I would say that the franchise started off great, had 3 weird missteps and returned to greatness. Resident Evil, let’s just stop making these films. And now we arrive at the purpose of this review, “Underworld: Blood Wars.” Let’s dive in…


The story begins with a massive recap of the previous films. It honestly felt like this movie was designed from the beginning to be accessible to anyone who hasn’t been following this franchise like I have. This isn’t a great series but let’s consider it a guilty pleasure of mine. The story continues following the life of Selene (Kate Beckinsale) and her role in the vampire community at large. She is heralded as one of the most powerful vampires still in existence and is recruited to help train new death dealers for the vampire army to stop the werewolves who are still hellbent on slaughtering them. All the “known” vampires are in hiding within an impenetrable fortress, or so they think. The werewolves are living in what appears to be a shipping yard of sorts for trains. Everyone is trying to find Selene’s child because her blood will save whomever has it.


The characters in this film are precisely what I expected from this franchise. Every time I watch these films I get exactly what I hope for. I’m never disappointed because I get what I want every time. This film isn’t great. The characters aren’t great. The plot “twists” are pretty obvious. In all, it is entertaining and it’s fun watching Vampires and Werewolves killing each other, in the snow, in a castle. Plus there’s some fun life after death concepts explored from the view points of vampires, who are basically immortal.


Underworld: Blood Wars” is in theaters now. If you enjoy the franchise like I do you won’t be disappointed and it’s worth your money for the big screen viewing. If you do not, or are unfamiliar with this franchise, save your money and catch it on Redbox or VOD. If you enjoy vampires and werewolves this is also a fun time at the movies. If you don’t, find another movie to watch. If you need recommendations go back and read my other reviews. There’s still plenty of films I’ve reviewed in theaters for you to enjoy. I had a positive experience watching this film but, again, I enjoy this franchise.


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