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The Founder – Box Office Review

Based on a true story, this film explores the life of Ray Kroc and his rise to power from a traveling salesman to building the biggest restaurant franchise the world has seen. The film dares to explore the personal and professional life of Mr. Kroc and how his ambition was both a blessing and curse. So let’s dive in and take a look at “The Founder” in this box office review…


John Lee Hancock has directed two previous films that I enjoy. Both of these films were also based on a real life people and real life events. It seems to me that Hancock has a passion for these types of bio films that cross the lines of entertaining big screen spectacle and potential History channel special. He focuses on character development and story and, in this movie, drives those two into something special. At times it’s pretty obvious McDonalds has their hand in the story as it ventures from film to commercial but the writers did well enough to create a believable moment for the commercial in how the story is told. It doesn’t beat you over the head but it’s also not subtle. Much like Ray Kroc, it’s blunt and to the point.


The actors in this film were the main reason I went to the theater in the first place. Michael Keaton, Nick Offerman, John Carrol Lynch and B.J. Novak. These four deliver something uniquely special as they each represent something completely different in their personalities and ambitions. It’s a blending that works from start to finish. I walked in with higher than normal expectations for the actors and I was not disappointed.


The Founder” is probably out of theaters as it was wide released but it only hit approximately 1,100 theaters nationwide. If you enjoy biopics and want to see a film that explores the life of the man who made this American fast food franchise I recommend you see this film. It’s scheduled for digital download the beginning of April and BLU-Ray mid April. It’s a good film that looks at real people in real situations. I wasn’t blown away by this film but I did enjoy it.


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