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A Cure for Wellness – Box Office Review

Trailers can present an idea of a film so well that you know exactly what you’re getting when you walk into the theater. The trailers for this particular movie did their job well. The spooky nature and mysterious look are all driving factors for this story. So let’s dive in and take a look at “A Cure for Wellness” in this box office review…


I walked into the theater with an expectation to have my mind messed with. I had an idea from the trailers that this movie was going to play inside my brain and attempt to freak my mind over and over again. It succeeded, in a way. The basic premise of the film is a rich CEO goes mental and has to find sanctuary in Switzerland at a place that no one who checks in ever checks out. An upcoming new talent is sent to the center for wellness to retrieve the CEO and the story unfolds from there. “From there” takes a long time unfortunately. This movie wastes so much screen time on shots of people walking or looking at things. I understand that it’s attempting to build suspense but I believe that is possible without having to watch Dane DeHaan crutch his way across a hallway while he suffers a broken leg. I get it. His leg is broken and the wellness center is creepy. Let’s stop watching the lead actor hobble his away across the screen while looking confused. Get… to… the… point.


The cinematography in this film is enjoyable. To be fair, Gore Verbinski films typically look great. The mysterious eels, the colors of the hallways, the clothes of the patients, the washed out look on the faces of the people both worker and patient are as creepy as the movie intends them to be. This movie looks good! Plus, the main actors do a great job delivering on the persona’s they’re meant to portray. To recap, I really enjoyed the look of this film a great deal and the main characters were great.


A Cure for Wellness” is in theaters now! I don’t know how to recommend this film. It takes some curious turns. It borders on bizarre monster movie, meets psychological thriller meets incestuous madness. The ending takes an odd turn that transforms the film from psychological thriller to something entirely different. It wraps up the questions I had regarding two characters, but wow. It takes a weird turn at the very the end. If you see it, comment below and share your thoughts. If you don’t see it, that’s ok too. I’m not sure how to or how not to recommend this film. It’s just very different but I walked out the theater enjoying the film but not liking how long it was.


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