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Logan – Box Office Review

The X-Men franchise is now 9 movies in length. There are 6 X-Men movies and 3 Wolverine movies. Have they all been terrible? Nope. Have they all been awesome? Also, nope. However they’ve each delivered something special and entertaining so let’s dive in and take a look at “Logan” in this box office review…


This film dares to be something uniquely special in the franchise of the X-Men universe. It takes challenges that previous films have not. For example, this film explores what it means to treat the elderly who are suffering mental illness, like dementia. What it means to grow old. What it means to protect those you love. What it means to confront the inner demons individuals struggle with. This film goes deep and does it well. At its heart, the root story, is that of the reluctant hero who must come to terms with being a team player while his life has led him to isolation. He must confront the reality that he’s no longer alone and his life has new purpose, despite the fact his life might not last that much longer.


The character of Wolverine in the comics is violent. This might be the first in 9 films to explore that facet of his personality. Sure he kills folks in previous films but the rage monster that he transforms into when he is pushed to the edge really has not, until now. This film captures the berserker fury well and does so with the new addition of Laura, aka X23, also. This movie is an examination of what it means to be family, and equally, what it means to be lose control and turn to savagery. We see the world around Logan attempt to remain in control, even if that’s through dark manipulation, while he himself loses control to save those he still holds dear. It’s a beautiful dichotomy.


Logan” is in theaters now! I heard someone describe this film as a western meets science fiction and I won’t disagree with that description. I really enjoyed this film. The character of Wolverine is one of suffering and loss. He’s also one of great passion and love for those he ever truly grows to let in. This film captures this and more. It’s a great finale to the Wolverine Trilogy and it sets up future X-Men movies nicely. It’s violent but it’s not unnecessary. The action is all part of the character and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Go see this film!


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